Where To Begin?

Where to begin … sounds like it’s going to be where to start on planning your wedding – well it is and it isn’t.

My daughter got married last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and words can’t describe how great everything felt. My head has been full of things I want to share with you and I’ll be using this new experience as inspiration over the coming weeks.

Where did Amy begin … she asked me for my advice because of my knowledge and contacts. We did it this way –

1 We found a wedding venue that could provide everything we wanted.

2 We found the dates that were available and worked for Amy and her fiancé Sean.

3 We confirmed availability and times with the Registrar’s office.

4 Amy and Sean wanted a band and a DJ, so we checked availability with them too.

… that gave them their date and they booked it. Then they went on to research their photographers, florist, venue dresser, cake maker, etc. I’ll blog extensively about this in the coming weeks with input from Amy too.

Where to begin here is also about what’s been happening with me since my last post. As you may remember I did the Walk All Over Cancer Challenge of 10,000 steps a day in March for Cancer Research. This was to awareness and funds for the charity but also to make sure I stayed fit and healthy in the run up to the wedding. So I kept it up in April too (and still am). See my next blog post for an update on the money raised 🙂

The most important steps of the whole thing were the fifty or so I took with Amy as I walked her down the aisle. Here we are in our final pre-ceremony moments as the music was playing and the Bridesmaids were on their way and we paused for one last selfie.

Where To Begin







Where to begin … well I’ve started again and there will be more soon I promise.

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