Thinking about the future …

I’m just back from a week away with my wonderful wife in Ibiza. We had a great time chilling out and just taking time to think. I finally got to experience Cafe Del Mar and a beautiful San Antonio sunset.

The weekend before our holiday I was at BPM, the UK’s trade show for DJ’s at the NEC, where I saw lots of lovely shiny new toys and sat in on many very interesting seminars and I also attended a workshop hosted by my good friend and coach Derek Pengelly. One of the BPM seminars was hosted by show organiser, and again good friend, Mark Walsh who spoke about the state of the DJ industry and how we are perceived by the general public. The truth is that people still think of DJ’s and mobile disco’s as scruffy blokes in dirty jeans with piles of untidy gear, just Google mobile DJ and look at the images section – it’s horrible. Derek also touched on the image of the DJ in his workshop.

Now I’ve had these next 2 pictures for a few weeks and I’ve agonised over sharing them with you, but I feel I must just so that I can say that I care and I would never do this to a client, and all the DJ’s I know would never do this to a client either, BUT there are still people out there who are calling themselves DJ’s who think this is acceptable – so here goes …

This picture was taken on Friday 28th September, less than a month ago, at a function in Wigan …

Even scarier is this next one – taken on my birthday (17th September) at a very good local venue that I’ve played at, this was a midweek wedding. I don’t know the DJ concerned personally and I’ve blurred out the name board as I don’t want to start a witch-hunt. The rest of the room looked beautiful, the tables were dressed and the chairs had covers with sashes. How can anyone think this is acceptable!

So, it’s been a crazy few weeks – I have no idea what the coming years hold for the UK mobile DJ industry, but I know there’ll be plenty more beautiful sunsets especially off the west coast of Ibiza.

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