THE Dress (another quickie)

A lot is said about finding THE Dress. I’d like to tell you I have never seen a Bride who looked anything but beautiful on her wedding day.

As well as being an wedding MC and DJ I also get involved with planning and a certain amount of “on the day” coordination. Some people tell me I’m a wedding planner but I’m not really able to helping all areas. You’ll have an idea about your dress, but there are thousands of them out there. I’m sure you look amazing in many of them.

Maybe there isn’t a “THE Dress” for everybody. My advices to go to an expert, try on lots and have fun. I recommend Fatma at Sofi Bridal in Basingstoke, it’s where my daughter found her dress (see this post for more information CLICK HERE).

What I WOULD say about THE Dress is remember you’ll be wearing it all day (maybe 12 hours). You’ll need to sit comfortably, dance and … er … go to the powder room. So how easy is it to sit and eat in, how close can you get to the table? When it comes to dancing, can you move freely? I had one couple who had been to dance classes and worked out a special routine, when it came to the day the Bride found she couldn’t move backwards in the dress! Then there are the inevitable trips to the powder room, how that going to work? I’d certainly recommend getting assistance from one of your bridesmaids and the Disabled Toilet if often a good space.

Maybe you should consider more than one dress? I’d certainly recommend more than one pair of shoes … but that’s a topic for another day.

THE Dress




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