September weddings

New Place Wedding Fayre ~ Sunday 27th January

I’m delighted to say I’ll be exhibiting at the New Place Wedding Fayre ~ Sunday 27th January ~ next Sunday!

I’ve been fortunate to DJ at New Place on a number of occasions, it’s one of the best venues in the region and seems to be going from strength to strength under new ownership.

CLICK HERE for more information about weddings at New Place.

One of my favourite stories about New Place is of a couple who met and fell in love when they were both working there. The bride was working as the wedding co-ordinator and the groom as a banqueting manager. They had seen literally hundreds of DJs … and they chose me to DJ their wedding.

Come and say hello to me at The New Place Wedding Fayre ~ Sunday 27th January

New Place Wedding



September weddings

November Weddings

Following on from last weeks post entitled “Is October the new June for Weddings, today I’m looking at November Weddings. This year I don’t have any November bookings but in previous years I’ve had up to three weddings in the month. There have been some beautiful Autumn days this November and the colours have been beautiful as always.

November Weddings

The weather for November Weddings is, as always, a very important factor. Again I went to (CLICK HERE) for some weather information

Temperature ~ In recent times the highest recorded temperature in November has been 17°C that’s 63°F, with the lowest recorded temperature -6°C, about 21°F.Generally the highs have been around 11°C

Rain ~ The average monthly amount of precipitation has been recorded at around 74 mm, that’s 3 inches. Throughout the month you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 19 days of the month.

Sunshine ~ For November expect the sun to shine for an average of 4 hours per day.

In conclusion, with weather like that, it’s probably fair to say that November Weddings are more likely to be focused on the indoor space. Log fires and mulled wine might be incorporated into a day of cozy celebrations.

November Weddings

The pictures in this post come from weddings at Rhinefield House, The Doubletree Hilton at Chilworth and New Place at Shirrell Heath which is now owned by Legacy Hotels. At each of these weddings the weather was kind enough to allow for some photos to be taken outside. As I said last time, the important thing is to make sure you plan for every eventuality, especially when it comes to your photography and getting the big group shots.

Fireworks, and especially sparklers, are definitely “in” for weddings at the moment and November is the month for fireworks with bonfire night.

For people who really love Autumn and the colours of the leaves turning, November is a wonderful month to get married, especially the first half before Christmas starts to take over – and talking of Christmas next weeks post will look at December weddings.

East Horton Wedding DJ

New Place ~ Today

New Place ~ Today …
that’s all.

Paul x

New Place

Party DJ News

Hello, I’m Paul and this is The Party DJ News.

As you can probably guess from my lack of posts recently it’s been a busy old year. Even though I’ve reduced the number of bookings I take, my days are taken up with meetings, creating special playlists, writing Love Stories and preparing all kinds of “great stuff” for my couples. I’ve now just got two more weddings this year and most of the prep is done so I wanted to get back on here and get my blogging head working.

Once again it’s been a wonderful year fluff great weddings with couples coming up with even more unique touches. At a recent wedding I think the Bridegroom created a moment in his speech when over half of us had tears in our eyes – it was truly beautiful. I’ve also seen plenty of wonderful home-crafted touches which you’ll be able to see when I start posting “Real Wedding” blogs to carry on adding to the booklet you can see here.

September always seems to be the month I visit venues a little bit further afield, last year it was swing and Sidmouth. This year is no exception, this coming weekend I’ll be overseas … well on the Isle of Wight actually. As usual, when the wedding is a bit further away, we’ll be travelling the day before so we can reassure the couple we’re there and ready for their big day.

The Autumn wedding fair season is on us and I’ll be exhibiting at a few in the coming weeks …
Sunday 9th October The Hampshire Wedding Group @ Ampfield Golf Club

HWG The Party DJ

… remarkable we’ll also be at Rhinefield House on Sunday 9th October!
Sunday 16th October Lainston House
Sunday 30th October New Place

On Saturday 22nd October I’ll be playing at a charity fundraising event – more information soon.

Then on Tuesday 15th November I’ll be hosting another “Creating Your WOW Wedding Evening” at Ampfield Golf Club.

Then in December, for the third year running I’ll be DJ’ing at The Port House in Port Solent for their Christmas Party Nights. If you are organising a Christmas party and are still looking for a venue, this is a great option – the food is fantastic and the DJ is … me! (I’ll even buy you a drink!!) For more details, or to book your christmas party, please email the lovely or phone 01489 589 275

So that’s it …
Actually there’s loads more stuff going on but I can’t talk about that yet …

I’m Paul and that was The Party DJ News!

Party DJ!

Party DJ Hampshire

I just wanted to say … I’ve still got it!

When I first purchased the Party DJ domain I had no idea I’d still be DJ’ing in 2015 and loving it more than ever.

I’ve categorised this post as “soap box” and I guess it’s a bit of a rant. The problem is anybody can call themselves a DJ – there are no qualifications that you need to have. The only criteria anybody calling themselves a DJ should meet is holding public liability insurance, and many don’t even have that! The market locally, nationally and globally is flooded with people who call themselves DJ’s although they have no little to no experience, they’ve cobbled together some cheap equipment and downloaded illegal music. People expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds for a DJ because they’ve never seen one worth more than that – when they actually see a proper DJ they are blown away.

So far this year I’ve done three weddings, I spent time in advance with each couple finding out what they loved and hated to make sure their party was as good as it possibly could be. Each of them have been great fun and I’ve received some amazing feedback both from my clients, their guests and even the staff at the venues. Each of these three couples took my advice and set up a FaceBook page in advance and invited their friends and family to make suggestions for the reception playlist, it worked really well.

First up was Kat and Gareth’s wedding at Audleys Wood. The golden rule for a busy dance floor at a wedding is wherever the Bride and Bridegroom go their guests will follow ~ Kat and Gareth spent the whole night on the dance floor!

Audleys Wood DJ

This one’s from Tara and Rob’s wedding at the Bartley Lodge ~ not one of my photos, this one turned up on FaceBook ~ thanks Nik and the ladies for wanting a selfie with me!

Party DJ Bartley Lodge

Finally for now, on Friday I was at New Place for Emma and Simon’s wedding, their friends and family had suggested nearly eleven hours of party music and I think some of them would have danced to the whole lot. You’ll find plenty of pictures from their party HERE on my The Party DJ FaceBook page .

New Place DJ

There are plenty of DJ’s out there, wherever you are, but not all of them really know what they are doing. NEVER book a DJ without having a good chat with him/her first, ask them about their experience, check they have insurance, don’t waste your money on a muppet wannabe … well I did say it was going to be a bit of a rant didn’t I.

I’ve been a DJ for a very long time and I won’t be giving up any time soon.