Siân, Natalie and Jordan’s “Just Going Down Under ~ BRB” Party

It’s always great to be asked to do something a bit different, it’s even better to get asked by people who have seen me work and want me to DJ for them!

Siân and Natalie saw me DJ at the two weddings I played for at Marwell Hall last year – they have been working on the functions team there. When I got an email that said “I have seen you a few times this year – providing some fantastic entertainment for some of our wedding couples” how could I say no to playing at their leaving party. Along with their friend Jordan they are off travelling around the Southern Hemisphere.

The venue was the Goals Soccer Centre in Southampton – a very good and affordable party venue with excellent bar prices and really lovely staff. More information about GOALS HERE

SN&J Room

The room has two parts a lounge/bar area linked to a dancefloor area. As well as the booth, speakers and regular lighting I supplied a single TV screen to run a photomontage of pictures of the 3 hosts. They had also decorated the room with flags, bunting and some excellent road signs.


Once everyone had arrived and the buffet had been served Siân, Natalie and Jordan took a brief moment in the spotlight with Siân thanking everyone for coming. I did try and get a Q&A session going but the only question that came up was “is there any room in your bag for me?”.

SN&J Gobo

So then it was on with the party. I also supplied a couple of “Good Luck” gobo’s which you can see in this picture.

SN&J Gangnam

Op op op op oppan Gangnam Style 😉

SN&J Party

The party finished at midnight but Siân, Natalie and Jordan had already made plans to head on into town afterwards and I was able to let everyone know where to go for the “after party”. The next day I received this message on FaceBook …

Afternoon Paul, just wanted to say I’m so sorry I didn’t catch you before I left last night but thanks for a wonderful evening! Everyone has said what a great night they had & that you were fantastic!! Thanks for everything beforehand too & for making it so personal to us I thoroughly enjoyed myself & I know Natalie & Jordan did too!

It was my absolute pleasure.

Siân, Natalie and Jordan have a great time, take care, enjoy every minute and stay in touch 🙂

For more information about weddings at Marwell Hall PLEASE CLICK HERE or give me a call.

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