Paul The A&M Guy

Recently I was invited to join a FaceBook group for people who worked at A&M records in the UK because once, a long time ago, I was Paul The A&M Guy.

The A&M record label was founded in 1962 by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss. During the late sixties and seventies they signed lots of great British artists to add to their American roster including many of my personal favourites like The Police, Joan Armatrading, Squeeze and Supertramp.

Paul The A&M Guy

I wrote the following to introduce myself the FaceBook group members …

It was a long time ago (35 years) and I’m really struggling to remember much. I think I joined the sales team early in 1982 and only stayed until August 1983 when I got poached by Tandem (Chrysalis/Arista).

I only visited the office at 136-140 New Kings Road a few times, I remember some of the sales meetings were held elsewhere. A couple of meetings stand out in my memory – one where we were split into two only to find out that the other group were being made redundant and another time a “meeting” was held on a boat on the river.

My role was to travel the South West, from Southampton (my home town) down to Plymouth, up to South Wales. I called on chart return shops and a few of the chains on a weekly basis helping them complete their diaries – about ten shops a day. My point of contact was Marion in the sales office and the team boss was Brian.

I had a cerise satin bomber jacket with the A&M badge (it wasn’t as bad as it sounds – these were the eighties after all), a black tote bag, a display folder and a blue Mk3 Ford Escort L.

A couple of other events I remember were going to see “Party Party” with the tea, and the launch of “Synchronicity” at a chip up the road from the office.

After a few years of life with Tandem I opened my own shop The Disc & Tape Centre, in partnership with my friend Mike who was an ex Our Price manager, in Lymington. I remember one of our A&M reps at the shop was the bubbly Jackie Glendinning. I’m looking forward to connecting with some of the people I knew back then – maybe more memories will come flooding back!

That was me, Paul The A&M Guy.

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