Onwards And Upwards

Yesterday I posted about Amy’s wedding and mentioned my Walk All Over Cancer quest.  I’ve been doing my best to move my totals onwards and upwards. The wedding was always the target but events on the day took an unexpected brilliant turn.

Obviously I got to walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle (see picture in the last blog post) but my other main responsibility, as Father of the Bride, was to make a speech and that’s where it started. Our DJ/MC for the day was my good friend Tony Winyard (more about Tony in future posts) and he suggested a sweepstake for the guests to guess the total length of the speeches. Participating guests put a £1 in the hat with the winner collecting all the money. My nephew Tom won the prize pot and very generously gave it to me for Cancer Research. Several other guests hearing about this put more money in the collection resulting in a total of £73.60.

Among the evening guests were our dear friends Sue and Steve who also slipped me an envelope with a donation for my challenge. So now my total raised has reached £573.60 +£100.00 Gift Aid.

Keeping everything moving onwards and upwards was quite a challenge in the last week as I was away at a conference on Sunday and Monday and then the wedding on Saturday and then up to Wembley on Sunday for the football but I still managed to average over 10,000 steps a day.

onwards and upwards

My numbers for April have been much better than March and, until last week, I’d managed over 10,000 steps every day. My total distance since the beginning of the Challenge is now over 225 miles.

onwards and upwards

So my walking and the funds raise go onwards and upwards – please CLICK HERE to go to my fund raising page



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