Martin made my day!

Martin made my day last Friday! As the weather was looking good, Ce and I decided to take a morning off and headed down to Boscombe to walk along the front to Bournemouth and back. We had just parked the car and were on our way down to the beach when I heard a message “ping” from my phone.

Hampshire wedding DJ

The message was from Martin who married Jen five years ago. I knew it was their anniversary and it was always intention to send them a message at some point in the day – we are still friends on FaceBook, but this was totally unexpected and it really made my day. In his message Martin mentioned a video I cobbled together for them. I had forgotten all about the video, I don’t do them now because the little recorder I used to use no longer works – having watched this I think I had better replace it. I always try and snap a few photos, some that I only share with the Bride and Bridegroom.

What a great day we had, full of amazing memories. I think it’s fair to say I have come a long way since then and spent thousands of pounds on training, but looking back it certainly proves to me that I have always strived to offer more.

I also think it’s worth mentioning that many couples book a photographer who leaves after the first dance – the ones I recommend often stay much later to capture the fun of the evening party!

I’m not sure if you can still get married at Marwell, I don’t think you can have your reception there any more which is a great shame. The Marwell Hotel is next door which is a another great wedding and reception venue.

For my original blog post about Jen and Martin’s Wedding PLEASE CLICK HERE

Jen and Martin have recommended me to many of their friends and their wedding also resulted in other bookings too – PLEASE CLICK HERE

Martin made my day, mug of tea raised to Jen, Martin, Jasmine, Daisy and all their family and friends ~ cheers!

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