Your Love Story

Everyone has a Love Story, yours is the reason your friends and family will be at your wedding. Two people met, fell in love, and want to spend their lives to together – that’s amazing, that’s what they make films about. Including elements of your Love Story throughout your day will help engage everyone and make your wedding truly memorable.

Experts will tell you to put your finger print on everything to do with your wedding – I take it further, I believe your Love Story is your wedding DNA.

I am one of a handful of UK DJ’s who have actually trained extensively and developed the skills to present the Love Story on behalf of my couples.

This has become my signature piece and emotionally connects all of the guests at an evening reception. It is generally delivered just before the first dance and has been one of the highlights for my couples on their wedding day.

I’d be delighted and honoured to share your Love Story with your family and friends at your wedding.

There are other ways of incorporating elements of your Love Story into your wedding day. These include your introduction into the room for your wedding breakfast, creating an “ice breaker” quiz to entertain your guests throughout the meal, and my version of the Mr & Mrs game you may have seen on TV.

If this sounds like the answer to your prayers, please do take a look around this introduction to our services.