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Looking For Recommendations should be a staple element of early wedding planning ~ FACT

BUT how should you be looking for recommendations? The thing I want to highlight here is something that became more and more apparent in 2017, and that is the “Looking For Recommendations” facility on FaceBook – what a brilliant idea … NOT! Well “not” if you don’t use it correctly.

The thing is people are lazy, and that includes me. We ask for advice and …
1) we don’t really ask the right people and then …
2) we don’t follow it up properly

Let me explain. Somebody is getting married and they are looking for a great DJ to play at their wedding or a brilliant photographer to capture the memories of this once in a lifetime event. So, they go onto a FaceBook Group like Southampton or Hampshire Weddings and type in “Looking For Recommendations for a great wedding DJ”. This is seen by lots of DJ’s who the reply “Hi I’m a DJ please take a look at my site”. They are also seen by lots of other suppliers who have DJ friends who reply with “check out DJ so-and-so”, the post frequently attracts dozens, sometimes hundreds, of replies. Let’s be honest, it all looks a bit desperate and at that this point the original poster has a huge list to look at and they often haven’t said what date and venue they are holding their wedding so many of the DJ’s may already be booked.

They have recommendations, but from who? People who they know nothing about – so what use are these recommendations?

As I said right at the start, looking for recommendations should be a staple element of early wedding planning but get them from people you know – initially your family, your friends and then talk to the suppliers you’ve already chosen ask them. There’s a video on my last blog post that covers this topic so PLEASE CLICK HERE to see it.

So, when you go looking for recommendations make sure they are credible and relevant, ask the people you know who have real experience and can make real recommendations.

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