It’s Coming Home

It’s Coming Home … you can’t ignore those three words, they are everywhere this morning. I write this post the day after Englands 2-0 win over Sweden in the Quarter Final of the World Cup, a sporting moment that seems to have the whole Nation smiling. However, I’m not here to extol the virtues of the team or speculate about the Semi Final with Croatia, I’m looking at the effect they have on weddings.

I’ve mentioned this kind of situation in my series of posts about getting married in the various months of the year (to see these posts just use the search box on the right and type in the month you want to look at) Writing this today I can now add more personal thoughts following my daughters wedding earlier this year.

When Amy and Sean looked at setting their date we took a good look at the diary to try and pick a date that wouldn’t be effected by outside events. This is a lot easier than it used to be because we’ve got Google. You can Google the date and see what comes up, for example perhaps you are looking at getting married on this day next year … (pause while I Google it) … I searched for “8th July 2019”, “events on 8th July 2019”, and “What’s on 8th July 2019” – nothing much came up so I searched just “July 2019” and a few things came up including the 2019 Women’s World Cup and the Cricket World Cup. On first look these may not appear as big as yesterdays game but what if England, or another nation represented at your wedding, is playing a big game?

Amy and Sean decided on an April wedding and we talked about the World Cup when we made the decision. We checked the date and thought it was the best of the possibilities available and booked it. Now the happy couple are both Saints fans (and I could rattle on about that for a few thousand  words but …) so imagine how we all felt when, in a season of doom and gloom, Southampton reached the Semi Finals of the FA Cup with the games to be played on the weekend of their wedding! It’s coming home, The FA Cup could be returning to Southampton. Amy, Sean and many of their guests, including me, wanted to be there.

The game wasn’t allocated a date until a few weeks before the wedding and fortunately the Saints game was played on the Sunday at 3pm and not on their wedding day. If it had have been the Saturday game we planned to show it on a big screen as part of the entertainment. Because it was played on the Sunday we were able to go to Wembley but that did mean we had to get up for breakfast early (Amy and Sean came down in their Saints shirts) and ultimately that we all came down from the euphoric mood of the wedding to reality with a huge bump as we lost – but that’s football. We had two great days regardless – here’s a pic of us having a few drinks before kickoff at Wembley.

It's coming home

Make no mistake, even if football holds no interest to you, someone will want to follow the match if it clashes with your wedding. Last Tuesday we went to see Earth, Wind & Fire and throughout the show people were checking their phones to see how England were doing against Colombia and I saw one guy watching the live stream throughout the concert. Imagine how you would feel if a guest at your wedding ceremony was staring at their phone!

So here we are this morning, Sunday 8th July and it’s Coming Home, let’s hope so! I hope you’ll remember our story and think about planning your wedding with outside events in mind – how will you make sure your big day is truly unforgettable for all the right reasons no matter what is happening elsewhere?

If you have any questions or need help to create Your WOW Wedding please drop me a message

Mug of tea raised … all together now … “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, football’s coming home”

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