“I was let down yesterday”

“I was let down yesterday”… So this just came up on my FaceBook timeline …

“Are there any photographers free on 28th July? I was let down yesterday by my photographer and with my wedding in 4 weeks I need to find a replacement. I have £250 as that was the price of the last one. Bridal prep to first dance/evening (11:30am/9pm)
Please if you can help then either message me with prices or leave your link with prices. Thanks”

I was let down yesterday

It’s really sad that a couple have been let down just four weeks before their wedding but just think about it for a moment. This bride booked a photographer for her wedding at the “bargain” price of £250 – £250 for nine and a half hours shooting (that’s just over £26 per hour) PLUS travel time PLUS editing time after the event. The date isn’t even mid-week, it’s a Saturday – I know many great photographers, some are cheaper than others but none of them would be as cheap as £250!

Looking at the thread, some people have been put forward but I’d think most of them are new to the business or, what are often called, “Weekend Warriors” – they do this on the side, they are not a proper business and they often don’t have insurance and the other certificates required to trade lawfully. Please forgive me if you are reading this and you run a business charging this sort of fee – I’d love to hear how you manage it.

This kind of situation happens a lot with DJ’s too and I often see threads on forums when this happens – one of the common replies is “they can pay me £250 and I won’t turn up either”.  I believe it’s very possible that if someone takes a booking for a relatively low fee and then gets an offer of a larger payment they may well let the original customer down and switch to the higher payer. The FaceBook DJ pages often carry “urgent DJ required NOW” messages where couples have been let down on the actual evening of their wedding – sad but true.

Here’s a video I made way back about choosing your suppliers

You’ll find more videos full of good advice and ideas on my YouTube page – just click through from the video above.

Two of my favourite photographers Colin from Entity Photographic and Antony from Lightbox Studios would never leave a couple in this situation, they are both members of the Hampshire Wedding Group, an excellent place to find suppliers who meet all the criteria I suggest you look for.

I was let down yesterday

Think carefully what you want from your suppliers, meet them, build a real relationship with them so they give you exactly the service you want. Please don’t find yourself saying “I was let down yesterday”.  If you need help finding a great supplier or anything wedding related please feel free to contact me – if I don’t know the answer I’ll probably know someone who does – just email paul@thepartydj.co.uk

Mug of tea raised ~ cheers! x

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