I have so many lovely couples!

I have so many lovely couples!

Last Sunday was my first wedding fayre of the year. I set everything up and then snapped a quick picture to post on FaceBook to “check in”.

The video I run has lots of quotes from real couples like the one you can see in the picture from Kat and Gareth who’s wedding was at Audley’s Wood.

It was a very busy event and I didn’t really get a chance to look at my FB feed again until I was home with a cup of tea.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on and saw this message from Lee who’s wedding to Charlie was held at The Beaulieu Hotel.

“My wife Charlie and I did the same after one meeting we changed our budget so we could have Paul Taylor all day. Paul was amazing he helped us to have the best ever experience for both me and Charlie and all our guests. I would highly recommend Paul”

Then this one from Vicky and Rob who had a party to celebrate their wedding after they held the ceremony in Canada. They chose The Bartley Lodge

“Paul was fantastic he almost Taylor made our evening celebration as we did it slightly different as we had been away . He took charge of the evening and it was perfect with all his extra touches 😀10 months ago now and never will be forgotten thanks Paul !!!!”

As I said above, I use quotes from real couples – no fakes, nothing made up, real people – just like you. I have so many lovely couples, if you want to talk to any of them just let me know.

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