How Much Is A Disco?

Most of the enquiries I receive ask just that one question – “how much is a disco?”. Couples frequently ask for a quote before talking or meeting with me. This is very difficult because my service usually isn’t just a ‘four hour’ type of operation. I’m often on site from a couple of hours before the ceremony until at least an hour after the finish of the evening party. 14 hour days aren’t uncommon. Price isn’t an easy thing to discuss without me knowing exactly what is expected and helping the couple realise that I can probably help them achieve an experience way beyond what they’re expecting.

That 14 hour day is, of course, after I’ve already done the 20 to 30 hours of preparation, which includes meetings, planning, location visits, communication with other suppliers, correspondence, phone calls, emails, buying additional music, providing insurance and of course equipment maintenance!

Communicating this well in an email seems to be almost impossible, and over the phone isn’t much better. In a meeting, couples start to really ‘get it’ and begin to understand the importance of the entertainment as a considerable percentage of the overall success of their wedding day. Once they see that value, the percentage of the overall wedding day budget starts to make sense and my service becomes a very viable investment because I offer great value for money.

Many couples choose to spend hundreds of pounds on chair covers with beautiful sashes to match their colour scheme, but they are reluctant to spend even the same amount on a DJ to get people up from those same chairs to dance!

I guess the problem is that many people have never seen a good DJ and they think we are all the same. The truth is anyone can be a wedding DJ ~ YOU could be a wedding DJ! There are no exams to pass, no qualifications to secure, even things like insurance aren’t legally required, so many people DJ as a hobby not as a professional business and just do what they do. They have limited experience, training and skill, they just do it because they like it and can make a few quid on the side.

I’m not cheap, and there are a lot of reasons for that. In fact I’m one of the most expensive wedding DJs in the area, and I usually work around 30 weddings per year at prices that mean I can offer my clients a totally unique and personalised service. People hire me to ensure that their wedding will be unlike any other celebration that they and their guests have ever been to. They book me to ensure that their day flows perfectly, that their guests don’t leave as soon as the DJ starts and that everyone feels like they are part of something truly special and memorable.

So that’s why I offer a free, no-obligation to anyone who wants to check me out. More information can be found on my website CLICK HERE Why not get in touch and we can get together over a cuppa and you can tell me about your dream wedding celebration.

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