How do you start planning a wedding?

How do you start planning a wedding is a question that I see asked quite often on social media. The answer is … there is no answer. Every couple are different with different experiences and different dreams, so finding a starting point that works for every couple isn’t easy.

BUT … a good place to start is at a wedding fayre/fair/show case. Now I say this with certain reservations because you shouldn’t attend with the expectation that you will find all the answers – you probably don’t even know the questions yet!

What you can do at a wedding fayre is dip a toe into the water and look at some of the services and things on offer which might be of interest to you. You can also talk to people, the exhibitors, and listen to their suggestions. Again this comes with certain reservations because some of these suppliers may well just tell you how great they are and that you should book them! I suggest if they do you move on.

Look for people who are interested in you and are prepared to share their expertise. Look for people you like. I think you’ll like my colleagues from the Hampshire Wedding Group who are exhibiting this Sunday at Chilworth Manor.

Sunday’s event is called a Winter Wonderland Wedding Fayre, but it’s not just about winter weddings, it’s about wonderful weddings with suppliers who are good at what they do and care about their couples.

How do you start planning a wedding

How do you start planning a wedding – just talk to me or follow this blog for lots of great FREE advice whether you are interested in booking me or not. Complete this form to get a link to my Your WOW Wedding booklet where I explain how to start creating a wedding that’s unique, elegant and fun.

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