Hampshire Wedding Planner ~ Am I A Wedding Planner?

Am I A Wedding Planner?

Am I A Wedding Planner? is a question I get fairly often. Some people tell me I am. Actually, over the last five or six years I’ve really struggled to describe exactly WHAT I am! Let me try to explain …

I started out as a DJ, and even back 25 plus years ago I was trying to work out ways I could offer better service. Initially I was one of the first DJ’s to suggest setting up early so that there was no huge disruption bringing in equipment after the meal and before the party. Then I started offering background music for the meal and microphones for the speeches. Next, when civil ceremonies at venues became a thing, I added ceremony music. Then I decided to offer my services as a Master of Ceremonies. Finally I found I was in a unique position to help couples plan their wedding because I’d seen so many great things and heard about quite a few not so good things.

Hampshire Wedding Planner

Am I A Wedding Planner … Well I don’t really think of myself as a planner because I don’t like to plan weddings. I love to help couples create their weddings, offering them ideas and suggestions to make their big day special to them. I supply all my couples with a folder to give them a clear view of what will happen when. Hopefully this means they can make the most of every moment.

I don’t know everything, I’m still learning. When I’m  asked something I don’t know I can usually find a colleague who can help. For example, I’m not an expert on wedding gowns but I know who to recommend. If a couple are looking for a traditional Wedding Planner I have contacts in my diary too.

Conclusion ~

Am I A Wedding Planner? I do help couples plan their weddings from an entertainment perspective. I think I’m just a guy who wants every couple to have a fabulous wedding day – whether they book me to be their MC, DJ, whatever, or not. I’m very lucky to be doing something I love as I think shows in this picture taken by Charlie, a guest at Vikky and Gemma’s wedding this week.

Hampshire Wedding Planner

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