Essential Plan B

The essential Plan B …

The Essential Plan B

No, not that one! 

The essential Plan B here is all about having options for your wedding to cope with things that might happen. Like bad weather, hot weather or your car breaking down.

I write this on an October Saturday morning with Radio 5 Live talking about storms and flooding. The rain is lashing against our windows.

I don’t have a wedding today. I did last Saturday, the weather was very wet and autumnal, after a beautiful, hot, sunny week. It was a real “blip” in the weather as the sun came back again the next day.

Fortunately we had talked about the possibility of bad weather and made plans for all the various conditions. My final meeting with the couple was a week before the wedding and we already knew the weather might be an issue. They were cool with it. They knew, when they planned an October wedding, that good weather couldn’t be guaranteed.

The venue team made sure everyone had what they needed to cope with the conditions. The photographer had visited the venue before, so he knew all the best places for pictures. The caterers were happy to adjust the serving times to allow for delays caused by the general disruption.

Everything went very smoothly and nobody even realised that we had moved a few things around the timeline. By the end of the reception the weather had cleared and we were able to go ahead with the planned “sparkler exit”.

I consider making the essential plan b part of my role, am I a Wedding Planner … well I’ve already written a post on that topic CLICK HERE 

If you were looking for Plan B the musician CLICK HERE for the iTunes Essential playlist 

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