Data Protection, GDPR and The Party DJ

Data Protection, GDPR and The Party DJ (well it had to happen, didn’t it!) I’m sure you already know that GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. I take the privacy and protection of friends, clients and all potential clients I’m contacted by, very seriously.

Data Protection, GDPR and The Party DJ

I have always been very careful to protect any data I’ve been given access to and I don’t buy, sell or swap personal data. I only hold personal information necessary in order to effectively operate my business and to communicate with, and help, people with their wedding and party plans. I store all data safely (both electronically and in print), likewise I’m very careful how I dispose of all data – incinerating any print data.

I use Mailchimp for any mail campaigns and they fully comply with the new GDPR laws and guarantee the highest level of data encryption and security. CLICK HERE for more information on Mailchimp and GDPR. All of my Mailchimp emails include options to update your preferences or unsubscribe. Likewise if you reply to a regular email requesting I remove you I will and remove your details from my files.

Having previously run a business where we dealt with children and held a huge membership database I have always been very mindful of security. Hopefully this new legislation will go someway to remove the problems we all face from spammers and criminals who abuse data – let’s hope so. It will be fascinating to watch what happens in the coming months and years with Data Protection, GDPR and The Party DJ, right now it feels a bit like the final hours before the New Year came in on 31st December 1999!

If you want to know more about your rights and how GDPR will affect you CLICK HERE for a useful article on the WHICH website. There is also a page on “how to stop unwanted junk mail” CLICK HERE.

If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss how The Party DJ handles personal data, please contact me.

Finally, my favourite joke on the topic …

Can you recommend a GDPR expert?
Can I have their email address?

And that Dear Reader is Data Protection, GDPR and The Party DJ.


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