Creating Your WOW Wedding ~ 20th February

The next Creating Your WOW Wedding ~ 20th February, that’s just a few days away!

I announced this a couple of weeks ago but the venue has changed and spaces are limited. We are now at The Ring Studio in London Road, Southampton. CLICK HERE for more about The Ring Studio.

The evening is just a chance for me to explain how your wedding day will probably run and what are the key moments and how you can make the most of them. It’s an informal, fun event and there is no awkward audience participation – don’t worry I won’t pick on you! In just a couple of hours you’ll have a much better understanding of what to expect so that you won’t be stressed just excited.

Creating Your WOW Wedding ~ 20th February

I’ll go through the wedding day time line and tell you how to add simple touches to make it better by utilising my “WOW Wedding” philosophy where you …
Weave yourselves into the day.
Get Others involved
and explain Why.

If you haven’t read ‘Your WOW Wedding’ let me know and I’ll send you a link – it’ll take about 30 minutes to read and will really help you create a day your friend and family will love.

You don’t even have to be one of my clients, this FREE event is open to anyone who’s getting married and you can even bring friends or other members of your family if you wish.

There is a form below if you’d like to reserve places or ask any questions.

This will be the only Creating Your WOW Wedding event this spring.

Creating Your WOW Wedding ~ 20th February ~ The Ring Studio – reserve your places NOW or just ask questions via this form.

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