Don’t Tell The Bride

Don’t Tell The Bride is back! The series where the Bridegroom must choose every detail of his wedding, from venue to cake to wedding dress is back on a different channel.

OK, I know it’s ridiculous and you’ve got to remember that are making it for TV so it would be really boring if the Bridegroom knew what his Bride would like and gave her exactly that.

E4 is now the home of Don’t Tell The Bride and I believe they have done an 18 episode series! In fact they all seem to be viewable NOW, and not just the new ones – ALL the episodes ever made! So if you want to binge watch you can! CLICK HERE to go to 4 Catch Up

The first episode, this Carl & Rebecca, was screened last week and you can see it on All 4 whenever you want.

Here’s a taste of the new Don’t Tell The Bride

If you do The Twitters you can also go here

Here’s details of how you could take part from their Twitter feed …

Would you trust your partner to plan the biggest day of your life?

Don’t Tell the Bride has eloped to E4 and is looking for couples who want to tie the knot!

Could you plan a surprise wedding with £14,000 in 3 weeks? Or would you trust your partner to plan the biggest day of your life?

TO APPLY, click on this link: (opens in a new window)

Don’t forget to attach a picture and a quick video of yourselves!

Your application will be received by a member of Renegade Pictures and they will contact you directly if successful. Renegade Pictures will process and hold your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and their privacy policy.

Programmes like this are a great way to get you thinking about ideas that are totally about YOU and what you both want. Sometimes they might inspire you, sometimes they might scare you and sometimes they’ll just make you laugh (or cry!). Just remember that are making it for TV and they don’t let the truth get in the way of a crazy story.

If you’d like help creating a wedding that is unique email me for a link to my “Your WOW Wedding” booklet and look out for my “Creating Your WOW Wedding” evenings coming up this Autumn. Email

Over 4,000,000 views in under 2 days

Over 3,500,000 views in under 2 days for my ‘Shaun’s Conscience’ video!

Over 3,500,000 views in under 2 days for my ‘Shaun’s Conscience’ video clip from 3 years ago – that’s the power of the internet!

On Friday morning just after nine I got a FaceBook message from Shaun, one of my Bridegrooms from 2014. “I want to send off my wedding speach to LADbible. They are very interested in showing it but they need permission from the person whos camera it is”.

The video in question was from Shaun and Emma’s wedding and I show it at my ‘Creating Your WOW Wedding” evenings, in fact I had shown it on Thursday evening at the Gray Manor evening! Ce and I were having a day off and a trip to the beach with my sister-in-law and her husband but I still managed to provide the required permissions and electronic signatures to get things moving. It was published (CLICK HERE) at 3pm and by 6pm on Friday the video had already been viewed over One Million times! ‘Shaun’s Conscience’ had gone viral!

The idea for this was all Shaun’s (actually I think it was his friend Jason’s, but that’s another story). When I met with Emma and Shaun he told me he had a number of ideas for his speech that he wanted to explore and I said I would do everything I could to help him. I did advise him to make it “Disney safe” but he was adamant this was OK and it went down really well.

So with over 3,500,000 views in under 2 days it’s fair to say this video has created a fair amount of interest with thousands of positive and negative comments. I can understand some of the negative comments because it was really written and performed by Shaun for the people in the room, we didn’t get a chance to rehearse it and the quality of my video doesn’t do it justice.

Here’s my original version (and yes that is me at the beginning)

I’ll be posting about this again tomorrow, please check back and read that post.

Meanwhile, I wonder if I’ll ever get over 3,500,000 views in under 2 days for one of my video clips again?

September weddings

Alone With The In-Laws

Alone With The In-Laws, this is something I put together for this weeks “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After” newsletter that I wanted to share here too. This weeks newsletter also includes my favourite track from the last year and advice on how to get a grip on how your wedding should feel. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list just email

I LOVE Gogglebox – there I’ve said it! The families crack me up and it often throws up programmes that we then track down on the iPlayer or the relevant On Demand service from whatever channel it was on.  I know it’s a crazy idea that watching other people watching television should be classed as entertainment – but I love it.

This weekend they featured a show I’d seen trails for and meant to watch out for, but I never got around to putting it on the planner … it was called “Alone with the In-Laws”.

“Alone with the In-Laws” featured the Reverend Kate Botley ,who is no stranger to the TV screen as she has been a regular on Gogglebox, with couple Chris and Stacey. The basic idea is that Chris and Stacey spend time alone with their in-laws to be to see how their own marriage might function.

Obviously it’s been made for TV so there are moments designed to hook you in but I really enjoyed it and it was fascinating to watch how the couple bonded with their in-laws to be.

CLICK HERE to view the programme (if this link does’t work then it’s probably because it’s expired)

If you’re about to make that big commitment with your partner the BBC would love to hear from you CLICK HERE to find out more!. Maybe you’ll be feature in a future episode of “Alone With The In-Laws”!

I'm On A Mission To Stamp Out Boring Weddings

I’m On A Mission To Stamp Out Boring Weddings

I’m On A Mission To Stamp Out Boring Weddings

I'm On A Mission To Stamp Out Boring Weddings

If you regularly read this blog you may be aware that I joined Toastmasters International earlier this year. I go to the Hamwic Speakers group meetings at Tauntons College in Southampton. I’d recommend Toastmasters International to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills, it’s a very supportive organisation. There are T.I. groups all over the World, so there’s bound to be one in fairly close proximity to you. If you’d like to find out more feel free to contact me directly ( or click here to go to their website.

Yesterday I gave my second talk and it was all about my mission to stamp out boring weddings. I had to speak for between 5 and 7 minutes. The notes for this speech were …
“The speaker is to present a talk that is organised in a manner that leads the audience to a clearly defined goal.”
Ce suggested that I should consider videoing it, so here it is! I’ve edited in a few pictures to make it more interesting.

“I’m On A Mission To Stamp Out Boring Weddings” basically covers why I think the spark is missing from some modern weddings and how I use my “WOW Weddings” formula to create something more personal and unique. Of course “My Mission” also includes improving and developing my skills and T.I. is just one of the ways I try and do this.

Makin’ Movies

Southend Barn

Last week Alan, Gary and I spent a day shooting video with the brilliant John Stewart from Vison Productions at Southend Barns near Chichester. This was my first visit to Southend Barns and I really hope to go back soon ~ it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Southend Barn Ceremony Building

Owners William and Mariella really have created a wonderful wedding venue, it’s an amazing fusion of traditional buildings and contemporary design features. My pictures really don’t do justice to this beautiful location.

Southend Barn Ceremony Room

The ceremonies room is located in what was formerly the dairy barn and the adjoining milking parlour is now the Bridal Suite.

Southend Barn ntrance

My favourite area is a covered outside space which is the perfect chill-out lounge, as you can see it’s really innovative.

Chill Out Southend Barns

We were there to shoot a series of videos called The Wedding Entertainment Show where we’ll be sharing our thoughts and ideas to help you create a fabulous wedding. John from Vision Productions and his team did their best to make us look good – that’s got to be a tough job – and we’re really looking forward to seeing the results.

Making Movies

Many thanks to John, Ryan and Nick for all their help and patience. We hope to launch our weekly video series before the end of June.

Gary on the decks

Southend Barns really is an excellent venue. Gary is one of their local preferred suppliers and I know that he would be delighted to tell you more about weddings there.

CLICK HERE to visit the Southend Barns website.

Southend Barn pots

Ceremony Music

Another of the services I offer is providing the music for the wedding ceremony. Great production of the music for your ceremony can set the tone for the whole day. Before I returned to DJ’ing I’d actually been asked by several friends to play their ceremony music for them at their weddings ~ it was a really nerve-racking thing to do, I was pushing buttons on machines that I didn’t know and although I managed it was far from ideal.

Many venues provide a sound system, usually a domestic portable cd player or iPod doc, and usually expect you to provide the music to play and the person to control it for you. Is this the right way to start the most important ceremony in your life?

Here’s a document one of my colleagues, DJ Terry Lewis, developed. I’ve adapted it slightly and I hope it will give you food for thought.

Here’s a picture another colleague took at a local hotel recently.
You can see a small domestic CD player has been provided

Here’s our system at New Place last Saturday, set up discreetly at the rear of the room using professional sound equipment ~
Pioneer DDJ S1
MacBook Pro
Bose Compact speaker system

For more information about ceremony music please get in touch email or call 023 8086 1715 or 07973 617 153


Food for thought.

SuperScrimpers on Weddings

Channel 4’s SuperScrimpers money saving expert Mrs Moneypenny looks at weddings – plenty to think about here 😉

The show is available courtesy of the 4 On Demand service


I’ve just been directed to these two very good videos on YouTube from THINKER.

First we have some tips on writing your toast …

and the second one, more great advice on delivering your toast

Toasts and speeches are covered for Bridegrooms in my special “men only” Bridegrooms workshop ~ Click here for more information. 😉

Newsflash … Groom’s Workshop Update!

Today I confirmed the date for my first Groom’s workshop – I’m so excited! 😉

The idea comes from a DJ in Hawaii who has been doing these for a few years now.

It’s just a chance for Bridegrooms to get together over a drink and find out what they can do to help make your day special. There is no-obligation to book me as your DJ – it’s just something I want to do. As I’ve been to hundreds of weddings I’ve seen lot’s of things that many people don’t know about, so the idea is to share them and see what else we can come up with. CLICK HERE for some more information.

I’ve just scheduled the first one for the evening of Tuesday 7th February, and it’s going to be at The Bell Inn in Bramshaw just off Junction 1 of the M27. It’s just a couple of hours and it’s totally FREE – all you have to do is buy your own drinks. Here are directions to The Bell

It’s a MEN ONLY event, open only to Bridegrooms. If these take off I have some ideas for other workshops, but you know if there is anything I can help you with all you have to do is ask.

Please let me know if you would like to attend, email