Previous clients, please help me!

So, here’s a request for previous clients, please help me!

I’m particularly looking for couples, clients, you know who you are, who are on FaceBook and have Google to pop a review on for me. It will really help with my SEO and lots of things that I really don’t understand.

On FaceBook I have eleven so far and haven’t had any new ones since February this year and I know lots of people who use FB haven’t posted a review yet. I have ten 5 stars and one 4 Star (gutted). Thank you Gemma, Karen, Sarah, Charmaiine, Varun and Dik (who I don’t think I know at all and have no connection with), Fatma, Michelle, Jenny, Colin, Sarah, Jill, Emma, Sue, Hannah, Wendy and Lauren.

It only takes a second to click on the Star rating and a minute to post a comment AND it would be great if you could please make sure you have “liked” the page too, thanks x 😉

CLICK HERE to go to The Party DJ FaceBook page

On Google I only have five and the most recent one was four years ago, but they are all 5 star. Thank you Fern, Jason and the three “A Google User”‘s – Hayley and Stuart, Craig and Karen, and the last one from 5 years ago which I can’t remember who posted it. 🙁

If you search DJ Southampton in Google you should find a window a bit like this and (if you have a Google ID) you can then post a review – I hope that makes sense, if you’re having problems please let me know.

Oh and one last thing (I don’t ask for much do I), if you have any friends planning their wedding, please put them in touch with me – even if they already have their DJ sorted, because I’m running more WOW events soon to help plan great weddings!

So, previous clients please help me! It should only take a few minutes and I’d really REALLY appreciate it.

Tuesday 3rd February ~ Creating Your WOW Wedding!

Save The Date

I am on a quest to stop boring weddings and help you create Your WOW Wedding.

The thing is, in my humble opinion, weddings have been dumbed down. I was talking to a bride recently who had been at a wedding the day before – “how was it?” I asked her, her reply – “it was OK”. Weddings shouldn’t be OK, they should be AMAZING!

If you’ve been looking at my recent vlogs (see below) you’ll have seen that I have plenty of ideas and thoughts I’ve been sharing. I have a twenty page basic guide to planning a WOW Wedding and if you email me at I’ll send you a pdf copy.

To expand on the ideas in the “Your WOW Wedding” guide I’m hosting an event on Tuesday 3rd February (two weeks today) when I’ll run through some great ways of incorporating the ideas from the guide into your wedding. The evening is being held at Ampfield Golf Club.

Admission is by ticket only. If you’d like to come please email me for tickets – they are on sale through a FaceBook campaign but I have some to give away on a first come first served basis. Email

Please share this with anyone you know who are planning their wedding. It’s not a hard-sale meeting it’s an opportunity for every couple to find out how a wedding works and what they can do to make it a truly personal and memorable day ~ A WOW Wedding!

WOW Wedding Expert Hampshire

Here’s Freddie!

Hey! I have so much to get on here over the next few days ~ the time is just flying by, I can’t believe it’s a week already since the St Mary’s Wedding Fair.

Here’s a video that’s not me (cue sighs of relief all round). This is singer Freddie Jenkins who performed at St Mary’s, and what a lovely guy he is. If you’re looking for a wedding singer check him out.

Freddie 1

Freddie 2

Sunday 18th January ~ Rhinefield Wedding Fair

This Sunday it’s back to the beautiful Rhinefield House ~ I’m hoping the weather will improve by then!

Next month I’ll be at the DeVere New Place in Shirrell Heath (SO32 2JY) on the first, Plaitford Village Hall (SO51 6EE) on Saturday 21st, and Salisbury Racecourse (SP2 8PN) on the 22nd.

Rhinefield Wedding DJ

Wedding Planning Tips

So, how am I doing?  I said I was going to post 100 vlogs in 2015 and so far so good with that.

The question is, is anyone (beside DJ’s who want to know what I know 😉 ) actually watching my vlogs?  I’d love to hear what YOU think – just a quick email to would be brilliant.

You can use the same email address to get a copy of my “Your WOW Wedding” guide and also if you want to find out more about the special event I’m holding on Tuesday 3rd February.

Save The Date

Episode 7  ~  Some basic thoughts on choosing your venue

Episode 6 ~ When?  ~ When’s the right time to hold your wedding

Episode 5 ~ Wedding Budget ~ an introduction to wedding budget planning

Episode 4 ~ Wedding planning ~ where to start

Before that episodes 2 and 3 were a look back at 2014, and the first episode was the introduction.

I’ll be back with more soon but please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Sarah & Phil

Fabulous article in the latest edition of ‘Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire Bride’ on Sarah and Phil’s wedding at the incredible Green House Hotel with amazing photos by Barry Whitcher. 

CLICK HERE to read the magazine, the article on Sarah and Phil is on pages 142 and 143, I’ve put my favourite bits below …


Wedding DJs in Bournemouth

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 20.16.45

I provided the ceremony music, Sarah’s entrance was beautiful

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 20.17.24

… and finally …

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 20.16.03

Thanks Sarah and Phil for your kind words in the article.

Paul x


This is a bit of a reflective rant, so please bear with me.

Wedding djsAs you may have seen here, or on my FaceBook page, I was in London for 3 days at the start of this week for some more training.  When people hear me say I’m doing more training I often get the reply “really!” or “why?”. Well there are at least three reasons.

First, I love it, it’s fun!  I get to spend time with my Party Host colleagues Alan and Gary and other DJ’s who all have different opinions and experiences to share. Frequently these other attendees come from another part of the country or even another country.

Secondly, and most importantly, I’ve really come to understand that learning doesn’t stop after school or college – yes we all learn from the School of Hard-Knocks and the University of Life – but continuing to try and improve is really important too.

Surely there has never been a better time to learn with all the access to information the internet has put just a click away.

Surely there has never been a time when continuing to learn and grow has been more important to keep up with this fast-moving World we live in.

Towards the end of the last Century (how old does that make me sound!), when Ce and I were planning to open our new business, I was encouraged to start looking at books and videos that would help me run our company.  I’ve found out so much that has helped me from that moment onwards!  If YOU have never read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey – just do it – get the book or the audio book and give it a go.

Finally, I want to make the most of every moment of my time left on this planet – especially when I’m doing my job for my clients.  You’ve probably seen the adverts for Berocca ~ their tag line is ‘You, but on a really good day’, when I provide my services at a wedding, or play for a family, event I want to be the best I can.  I’ll make a confession here, I hate doing things I’m crap at. Anything that pushes me out of my comfort zone I avoid, so you won’t find me on a golf course or doing anything that I feel I’ll look stupid doing.

Wedding Djs HampshireThis latest workshop with two amazing guys from America ~ Bill Herman and Jason Jones ~ and it came under their banner of The Entertainment Experience. Eleven of us, including Alan and Gary,  spent two and a half days learning how theatre, acting and comedy skills could be adopted to help us improve our performances.

Wedding DJ New Forest

It’s never easy performing and being critiqued in front of your colleagues, especially first thing on a Monday and Tuesday morning in the first working week of a New Year, but I certainly got a lot out of it – stepping outside my comfort zone.

The certificate isn’t a pass it’s more a commitment of intent …

Wedding Entertainment  2

… and that, dear reader, is why.  Thanks for reading.

Paul’s Vlog 5 ~ Wedding Budget!

Winslowe House Wedding DJ

Hello, I’m in London for a few days doing some more training – and LOVING IT!

So, here’s just a quick look at my thinking regarding Wedding budgeting that I prepared a few days ago.

2014 ~ This Was The Year That Was!


Here are a couple more of my new blogs (video logs) looking at 2014.

I really should point out that all the photos I use on this page, my website, and on my FaceBook page are my couples – real people and not stock images.  I’m very lucky to have some photographer friends who allow me to use their images but most of the pictures are my snaps.

OK, so here’s my look at the first six months of 2014. (This actually appeared a few days ago but I’ve reposted to keep everything together)  If you weren’t confused before you probably are now!

And this one is July to December.

I’ve been very lucky to work with so many amazing couples and clients this year ~Thank you all.

I really am blessed ~ I LOVE my job!

Thanks for watching ~ Happy New Year ~ Cheers!

Paul x

My New Vlog!


Part of my new 2015 look will be regular Vlogs.  I know what you are thinking, everyone says they are going to do new stuff, especially at this time of the year, and it lasts a few weeks.

Well I’m going to post at least 100 blogs in 2015, I promise!

I’m calling them my 123/ABC videos – always under 3 minutes and really simple, well that’s the plan.

Here’s the first one, it’s an introduction …