Alex & Jeremy ~ Thursday 28th June 2012

THIS is the reason I came back to DJ’ing!

I stopped DJ’ing in about 2000 when I opened another business that needed all my focus and if I had continued DJ’ing I”d have had no time left to spend with the family. Our new enterprise was a fabulous experience and was initially very successful but as time went on things got harder the pressure sucked out any enjoyment we gained. About 4 years ago Ce, my wife, suggested that I consider returning to DJ’ing because I was always passionate about it. I had been asked to play at a number of events in the interim and had to decline because I had no equipment and my music library wasn’t totally up to date – we often attended these events as guests and I frequently regretted the fact I couldn’t help. This wedding really confirmed to me that I made the right decision to come back.

I’ve known Jez for around eight years, he actually worked for us for at least five years and is a really lovely guy, so when he contacted me and asked if I’d be available to DJ for his wedding to Alex I was absolutely delighted.

The wedding was held at the Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth and was my first outdoor ceremony. The whole day was full of beautiful touches reflecting Axy and Jez’s characters. The Bridal Party entered to “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar, their ceremony featured a lovely poem about two dinosaurs, their family and friends sang “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” accompanied by a friend on the ukulele, and there was a lovely rendition of the Etta James classic “At Last” sung by a member of the family. The new Mr and Mrs Hood and their wedding party came back down the aisle to “One Day Like This” by Elbow.

Their were numerous special moments throughout the day and their evening reception really rocked, but for me it was all about doing what I really love for people who, five years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to help.

Axy and Jez, thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your very special day. I wish you all the happiness in the World! To the Blatchford’s, the Hood’s and all their extended family and friends, thanks for making me so welcome and for making my role so easy.

Here’s a video I’ve cobbled together from my snaps – you can see why I’m a DJ and not a photographer or a videographer!

Back at the Rose & Thistle ~ Sunday 3rd July

Tomorrow (as I type this) it’s back to the Rose & Thistle to help Kerry and the fabulous people of Rockbourne celebrate the Jubilee and another year of Kerry in residence. Why not pop in and join us, the fun starts at 5pm with live music, great food and us keeping you entertained until 11:30pm.

Here a video I did of our first visit …

The Rose and Thistle
(01725) 518236

Glenda’s 50th Birthday Party

Who would have believed Norm’s little sis’ could be 50!

A quick video of Glenda’s 50th Birthday Party, held upstairs at the Slug & Lettuce in Winchester. As you will see it was fancy dress with Glenda hosting as Wonder Woman, and Mike as Buzz Lightyear and Lou (of Little Britain’s Lou & Andy fame). Brilliant costumes, great turn out, good times!

Glenda had selected over 5 hours of the music in advance and I did my best to fit in as many as possible – can you identify the tracks in the video?

Thanks everyone who made it such a great night.

Party Planning Tips For DJ’s And Clients

I originally started this video as a reply to a video Ellaskins (Jonathan) did on the DJ Tutor site asking DJ’s to share tips on how to make New Years Eve a success. So I gathered my thoughts and added some footage from my NYE gig and this is the result.

Although it’s based on New Years Eve I believe it is still relevant to all the function work any DJ does.

I think you’ll find stuff of interest whether you are another DJ or a potential client. It’s all about attention to detail – don’t just blag it – think about it in advance and plan it.

Please post your feedback, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe if you’d like me to continue with these videos.

Cheers, Paul

DJ’s, you can find The DJ Tutors original video is at

Drops by Wavey Davey – a true gentleman, a great American voice, and very fair prices …

and British voiceover legend Peter Dickson, from his iPhone ap, Peter Dickson’s Pocket Announcer CLICK HERE

A Taste Of Summer

It’s all a bit manic at the moment getting ready for my run of Christmas Diner Dances at the DeVere Grand Harbour Hotel and Saturday’s Wedding for Cath and Paul, so I haven’t had a chance to do any new videos this week. The weather has turned wintery earlier than usual – much of the country has snow, but not us – yet!

So, here’s a video we shot at the beginning of Summer for Mark’s 50th Birthday party to remind us all of what lovely weather we can look forward to. It was a great event with a lovely group of people and the very talented Ellie Price.

Here’s a video Directed by Mark’s son James of Ellie’s track “Pencilled in”

Ellie Price singing her brilliant, original song, ‘Pencilled In’ in a music video. Directed by James Harding as part of a Gold Arts Award Project. Hope you like it!

Harriet’s 18th ~ The Trailer

Here’s a quick – very quick – flavour of Harriet’s 18th Party from last Saturday.

We’ll be putting together a longer video when we’ve gathered together some photo’s.
So, if you were there – please let us have your pictures a.s.a.p.

Zeph On Sunday

As you may know we had a busy weekend, Joe/Zeph was out with me on Friday, I supported him on Saturday, and on Sunday he did his first night in a club venue. I think it’s fair to say it was a successful three days.

Here are the videos Zeph has put together for Sunday night. If you are looking for a DJ for a Sweet 16th or an Eighteenth, Zeph is the man!

Please tell your friends about DJ Zeph Taylor and join his FaceBook group for more information CLICK HERE

Nathan & Laura’s Party

Last Saturday we played at Nathan and Laura’s party at Hamworthy Club.

The event was a pre-wedding party, Nathan and Laura are getting married in Mexico at the end of the month and wanted to celebrate before they went because when they get back everything will be ‘Christmassy’. The theme colours for the party were orange and silver, so we set the uplighting to orange for the early part of the evening.

It was a very relaxed evening. At our planning meeting it was decided there should be no fuss, no speeches, just a chance for everyone to get together for a chat and a dance later on.

Unfortunately we didn’t get an invite to play at their Wedding in Mexico :o(

All the best for 26th November – looking forward to seeing some pictures – glasses raised – Nathan & Laura – Cheers!