The Trials & Tribulations of a Mobile DJ ~ part 5

Here’s another in the Trials and Tribulations Of A Mobile DJ series of videos that are being posted on YouTube by mobiledjuk charting the experiences of a mobile DJ.

This latest edition looks at the phone calls that Hank, the mobile DJ, has to deal with. So if you are a client and you get me “on a bad day”, please forgive me.

The Larmer Tree Gardens

Just back from a site visit for Phil and Nancy’s wedding next month at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens on the Dorset / Wiltshire border.

We met with Gail, the wedding co-ordinator, who explained the layout and how the day will unfold. We’ll be playing in The Pavillion (pictured above) which was originally built in 1886.

It really is an enchanting venue and we look forward to being part of a fantastic day.

The Trials & Tribulations Of A Mobile DJ (part 4)

Another episode of the Trials & Tribulations Of A Mobile DJ.

If you look back through this blog you’ll find the previous three in the series.

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!

A while back I posted another on of these.

This how Matt proposed to Ginny …

My girlfriend Ginny gets taken to the movie theater to see “Fast Five”. After a preview for the Hangover 2, a trailer for a movie comes on. A trailer I made of her father and I where I ask her father for her hand in marriage. After he gives me permission, I race off to the theater she is at to ask her to marry me.
What she doesn’t know is our familiy and friends are in the theater with her watching the whole thing, along with about 100 strangers 😉

Save This Date …

Friday 24th June … or maybe (according to the poster below) Wednesday 22nd June

Love Weddings – love a good laugh – love Bridesmaids

The T Mobile Royal Wedding

I’m not sure if I’m going to be posting daily Royal Wedding blogs, but here’s another! My good DJ friend Toby of Your DJ brought this to me attention.

“Watch the wedding entrance dance to top all wedding entrance dances. T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17!”

The Trials & Tribulations of A Mobile DJ

Here’s another episode from the world of DJ Hank, which is not a million miles from reality – in fact this kind of thing happens to me far too often!

The Trials & Tribulations of a Mobile DJ Part Two

Here’s another video of Hank the mobile DJ.

Bonus points to anyone who come up to me and asks for the track that goes “da-da-di-di-de-da-da-da-da-di-de-de de-la-la-la”

I hope to be post more from Hank in the coming weeks.

The Trials & Tribulations of a Mobile DJ

I just have to share this new series of videos that are being posted on YouTube by mobiledjuk charting the trials and tribulations of a mobile DJ.

I’m sure most mobile DJ’s will share the frustrations outlined in the series – trust me, they are really fun but it make take you two or three episodes to tune into the style.

Here’s the first one, and NO – Hank is not based on me (although we do have a similar hair style)!

This Advert …

… is brilliant!

If you don’t get this ask someone a few years older. Brilliant work from Yell – if only it worked as well as good old Yellow Pages did back in the day!

And here is the track – or a hoax to promote the advert – only time will tell!