ABC/123 Episode 20 Wedding Breakfast Ice Breakers

Welcome to ABC/123 Episode 20 Wedding Breakfast Ice Breakers. Last week I posted about planning your Wedding Breakfast and three very basic ideas that I believe can help you make your meal more personal so that your guests feel more connected. To see that video PLEASE CLICK HERE.

For me, that’s the key to creating an amazing wedding day – make sure everybody feels connected. These are the people you’ve chosen to share the biggest party you may ever throw, so make sure they feel you really care about them. So giving a “welcome”, saying ‘grace” and playing background music that reflects who you are and creates the atmosphere you want are great places to start.

The simple ice breakers in this weeks video will help break down any apprehensions your guests might have. You are going to show them that this is a celebration and that the party has already begun so they should relax and have fun.

A simple Wedding Quiz ~ I suggest 20 questions about you (you can see examples of this in my “Real Weddings” booklet.

Pearls of Wisdom cards are another favourite of mine. Simple cards with various sentences that your guests can finish – for example “To have a long and happy marriage I would …” and “The One thing never to say is …”

Photo challenges ~ getting your guests to take photos on their phones and cameras with a list of suggested topics, or the Bride and Bridegroom going around the room taking selfies with each table.

All three of these will get people talking and having fun – even if they’ve never met the other guests at their table before.

Next time I’m going to take a look at the speeches – including who traditionally speaks, what they say, and in what order – and don’t panic, there really is nothing to worry about!

Don’t forget to check out all the videos in this series and if you have any questions or other things you’d like me to cover in the ABC/123 series Thanks for watching episode 20 Wedding Breakfast Ice Breakers.

Wedding Breakfast Ice Breakers

ABC 123 Episode 19 ~ The Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Breakfast

ABC 123 Episode 19 ~ The Wedding Breakfast

Here’s the latest in my ABC/123 series of wedding planning tip videos. Episode 19 if the first of two on The Wedding Breakfast.

Have you ever been to a wedding and sat down for the wedding breakfast on a table of people you don’t really know? Well I’ve got some tips on how to help everyone relax and have fun.

Just taking a moment to welcome your guests, perhaps have a grace and choosing great background music can make a huge difference.

A big part of everything I suggest is the idea set out in The WOW Guide
W is if weave You into your wedding
O is for others – get other people involved
W is for explain Why

If you haven’t got a copy of my WOW Wedding Guide please email me and I’ll send it out to you. I hope to announce the dates of my next “Creating Your WOW Wedding” evening very soon – so say tuned.

I guess it goes without saying that there are 18 other videos in this series – you should be able to find them if you use the search facility on this blog or go to my YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out for Episode 20 soon with more great ideas on creating a brilliant Wedding Breakfast.

Your Grand Entrance

Your Grand Entrance

What is “Your Grand Entrance” and what will yours look like?

My ABC/123 video series where I try and give simple advice to help you plan a great celebration of your love has returned!  

In the series I’ve been working through a typical wedding timeline sharing my thoughts and episode 17 is about what I call “Your Grand Entrance.

As I say, this is still just the beginning, I’ve been working on various different options and ideas to help create amazing Grand Entrances … maybe I’ll post some more ideas soon.

The next video in this series is on Extended Grand Entrances and that should be live next week around the same time. You should be able to find 1 to 16 here and on my YouTube page.

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Sixteen ~ The Receiving Line

DJ MC The Receiving Line Beaulieu Hotel

It’s back! My ABC/123 Wedding Basics video series returns for 2016 with a slightly different look. Episode sixteen is all about the often neglected tradition of The Receiving Line.

I believe weddings have been dumbed down in recent years and many traditions have been forgotten or ignored because people just don’t know what they were for. The Receiving Line is a very good example of this.

A Receiving Line is the “lineup” where everybody files past the Bride and Bridegroom and possibly their parents, on their way into the wedding breakfast. So, here’s the scene … 
you’ve had your ceremony and just finished your drinks reception and photo’s. The reality will be that you’ve hardly had a chance to talk to anyone. Most of the previous hour, or so, has been taken up with those very important photos. The Receiving Line gives you an opportunity to speak to all your guests personally and thank them for coming.

This however does have pros and cons, you will be able to welcome everyone but unmanaged this can take up a lot of time. For example, if you have 60 guests and you speak to each of them for just 30 seconds that will take 30 minutes! But don’t panic, this can be managed.

As with everything on your wedding day it’s best to have a plan. The best way is to keep it to a simple thank you with maybe a hug and a kiss. The temptation when talking to friends and family is to have a catch up, but there will be plenty of time for that later.

Now the next question is who should be in the receiving line ? Traditionally it would be first, Parents of the Bride followed by Parents of the Groom, then the Bride & Bridegroom and then possibly the Maid of Honour and Best Man, but at your wedding it’s up to you! If there is space you can also use this time to get photos of the two of you with everyone in small groups and couples.

This period of the day really is a great time to connect with your guests, say thank you, and set up a great Grand Entrance for your Wedding Breakfast.

If I can help in any way please let me know. Just email

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