Joe a.k.a. The Mixmeister!

Mixmeister is actually a software package we sometimes use to construct mixes in advance. Recently Joe put together this mix to show a friend just how easy it is.
So, here’s Joe’s Hyper Bass Mix – eight and a half minutes of musical mayhem!
The Tracks are …
1. In The Heat Of The Night
2. Bonkers
3. Day N Nite
4. Hold On
5. Can’t Get Over
6. Just Dance
7. Number 1
8. Don’t Upset The Rhytym

Joe’s June Ten Minute Mix

Here’s Joe’s latest entry for the DJ Tutor Ten Minute Mix competition.

As always it’s all his own work and when I made any suggestions I got  “the look”  ;o)

I think you’ll agree it’s pretty damn good for someone who’s only been mixing for about six months – I’m a very proud dad!  But that’s enough smoke blowing, here it is …

June Toonz


Hopefully this will be the first post of a batch over the next few days.  Joe’s been very busy with his mixes so I just need to sort out some links to get them on here.  In the meantime here’s our new tune selections for June.  As always they are in no particular order.

Joe picks …

1  Black Eyed Peas ~ I Gotta Feeling  The second single release off the new album – The E.N.D (The Energy Never Dies) I love the album, and particularly this track!

2  Lazzee Feat. Neverstore – Hold On (Stonebridge Remix)  I first heard this track on Friday Floor Fillers (a tradition in our household) and it instantly hit me as a favourite, it just had to be included in my latest ten minute mix

3  Kevin Rudolf – Welcome To The World  At first, this track sounded too much like ‘Let It Rock’ and I wasn’t a fan. But my opinion has changed and the similarities with the other single don’t bother me

4  The Saturdays – Work (Cahill Remix)  None of the Saturdays tracks have ever really interested me and the single version of ‘Work’ doesn’t either. However, the Cahill remix of this track picks up the pace turning into one of my current favourites

5  3OH!3 – Don’t Trust Me  Heard this on the radio recently and mentioned to a friend who was aware of it through the iPod game ‘Tap Tap Revenge.’ I listened/ played it a few times and its grown on me

Paul’s choices …

1  Pitbull ~ I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)  Featuring a sample from Chicago’s “Street Player” recorded in 1979, that was also used by The Bucketheads on “The Bomb”.  I think this is a great summer tune.

2  Athlete ~ Summer Sun  One of our favourite bands are back and we’ve got tickets to see them again.

3  T Ski Valley ~ Catch The Beat  Recently I’ve been back in touch with my old friend Stevie Q (on the left in the Riverboat shuffle picture below).  He’s always had an ear for a great tune and he hooked me up to this one.

4  Skytech ~ Cardboard Box  One of the joys of coming home late from a gig is finding new tunes on the radio – this was one of those.  Fits in nicely with the new Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 sound. 

5  Chicane ~ Poppiholla  Some will consider this to be sacrilegious – I think it’s brilliant.  The iconic Sigur Ros rack gets the dance-floor treatment from Chicane.

Martines Eastleigh to reopen!


Just seen the news in todays Echo. I was one of the original Dj’s right back at the beginning – 1983 or 1984 I think.

Merv, Quinny JJ (Nigel) and I got dumped at the first refit – But I got asked back eventually though when it was Martines 2.  Jim Conway, our Manager, ran a great club – I worked for him at the Portsmouth Martines too.

This picture is of Stevie Q, Merv and I on a riverboat shuffle we organised – but that’s another story!

Selections from May


Sorry, sorry, sorry!  I could go on all day – the fact is, another month has flown by and I still haven’t posted anything else.  I’m going to try … but don’t hold your breath!

Here’s our selections for May of music that popped up on our radar, and it’s my turn to go first.

Paul’s selections ...

Cascada ~ Evacuate The Dancefloor  I really love the chorus – I mean I REALLY LOVE THE CHORUS!  I’m sure the rest will grow on me too.

Empire Of The Sun ~ We Are The People  The antipodeans MGMT, there are some great dance mixes.  Sounds like summer!

Carolina Liar ~ Show Me What I’m Looking For  I don’t know a lot about this band but, on this single, they sound like my kind of rock/pop.  Apparently the vocalist is American, the rest of the band are Swedish.

Basement Jaxx ~ Raindrops  Back in time for the festival season, this is a big floorfiller.

Paloma Faith ~ Stone Cold Sober  Sounds like it could be a new Amy Winehouse / Mark Ronson collaboration: it’s not, it’s Paloma Faith!

Joe’s choices

Star Pilots ~ In The Heat Of The Night   Upbeat dance hit that you just have to dance, nod or tap to 🙂

David Guetta Feat. Kelly Rowland ~ When Love Takes Over (Laidback Luke Remix)  This track is growing on me. The vocal is very powerful and this particular remix adds a wicked dance beat.

Soulja Boy ~ Kiss Me Thru The Phone  Been aware of this for a while but its only just hit me how great it is!

Flo Rida Feat. Wynter ~ Sugar  With the hook from ‘Blue’ by Eiffel 65, (a classic that remains legendary to this day) I didn’t believe that this track would do it justice. However, Flo Rida has made another fantastic tune!

DJ Laz ~ Move Shake Drop  First heard this at an under 18 clubbing night. It’s become a big hit amongst my mates and me.

April Selection


So, another month has flown by and it’s time for us to pick some tunes to share.

I let Joe choose first this month – that means he got a couple that I’d have liked (what a kind father I am!).  It’s also worth noting that some of our picks from March are still new releases and haven’t hit the UK Charts yet.


1. Black Eyed Peas ~ Boom Boom Pow   Great comeback song that is fun but still contains their usual attitude.

2. Ironik Ft Chipmunk & Elton John ~ Tiny Dancer (Delio D’Cruz vs. Paul Emanuel Remix)  Good rap and one of those songs that just gets in your head! This particular remix just makes it that better for the dance floor.

3. Tinchy Stryder Ft. Dappy ~ Number 1 (Bimbo Jones Remix)         Both Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz have featured in my recent top 5’s.               Now they’ve made a track together that has been a big hit and reached number 1 in the charts. The Bimbo Jones mix just adds that extra something.

4. Eminem ~ We Made You   The first single from his new album ‘Relapse’. This track could be seen as either catchy or annoying and personally I like it.

5. The Prodigy ~ Warrior’s Dance  More fast paced beats in another intense track from the new album ‘Invaders Must Die’


1. Marmaduke Duke ~ Rubber Lover  Great pop with a great hook!

2. Evelyn Champagne King Vs Kid Cudi ~ Shame (At Nite) ~ a Party Ben Mashup   This is a wicked mix of one of my all time fav’s with a current hit – how awfully clever!

3. Agnes ~ Release Me (La Rush Remix)  I Love the hook but the single edit is too cheesy – even for me.  This mix works.

4. Little Boots ~ New In Town   Heralded, for quite a while, as the next big thing – from what I heard before I didn’t expect to like this – but I do.  File under pop.

5. Girls Aloud ~ Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)  Does exactly what it says on the tin!

March Toonz


Here’s our selections for March – remember these are in no order, they are just tracks that have caught our imagination this month.  We’d love to hear about your favourites!

Paul has picked …

Just Jack       ~ Embers (Bimbo Jones Mix) The first time I heard this track I was a little disappointed because I loved the last album and this was not what I expected.  As time’s gone on I now love it – it’s brilliantly different!  The Bimbo Jones mix means it also works on the dancefloor – genius!

Calvin Harris ~ I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 mix) Possibly the tune of 2009 … I feel the same way about this as I did about ‘Lola’s Theme’ by the Shapeshifters in 2004. The track has a really distict sound, which leads me on to …

Deadmau5 & Kaskade       ~ I Remember As my knowledge of ‘what’s hot now’ grows, I’m becoming more aware of the stuff that’s out there and about to explode.  Anyone reading this who really knows their stuff will know all about Deadmau5 – I knew a bit but now … well, you’ve just got to love this guy – oh how I wish I was 19 again!

Röyksopp ~ Happy Up Here … A wonderful riff that always brings a smile to my face (and goodness knows I need the help sometimes). As well as the original version there is also a wicked brass band version and I also have a terrific mash up with Janet Jackson’s ‘Pleasure Principle’ .

Metro Station ~ Shake It – pure power pop from a band featuring, son of Billy Ray and brother of Millie, Trace Cyrus.  In 1979 we had the Knack with My Sharonna, thirty years on my kids have Metro Station.

Joe’s choices …

K.I.G ~ Heads, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez – this track was requested for my first gig and when I first heard it, I wasn’t sure. However, its grown on me and I’m sure its gonna hit high in the charts.

Asher Roth ~ I Love College – A very laid back tune with good lyrics. I hope college is as good as he describes! 😉

Chipmunk ~ Chip Diddy Chip – This is the first big single from the 18 year old London MC. Could he be the next Dizzee…

Dizzee Rascal ~ Bonkers – This track may not yet be familiar to many as it isn’t yet released. It’s a great tune, could it be as big as Dance Wiv Me?

The Killers ~ Spaceman (Sander Van Doorn Remix)– An interesting dance mix of The Killers latest hit. Love it 🙂

Back To School For Joe!


5th March 2009 Returning to my junior school was very strange. Just 4 years ago I would of been in the audience! I had a good set list but mixing children’s music just ain’t easy. However all went well and I had a good night 🙂

Now That’s What We Call A Tune ~ February 09


So, another month has flown by already!  Here are a selection of our favourite tunes for February.  As we said last time, although they’re listed it’s not meant to be a chart.

Paul’s Fantastic February Five

Doman & Gooding ~ Runnin’  Great use of the hook from Armand Van Helden’s “You Don’t Even Know Me” which is one of my all-time favourites.

Jordin Sparks ~ One Step At A Time  Such a very pretty song from the 2007 American Idol winner.

All-American Rejects ~ Gives You Hell  Because sometimes great pop is enough.

September ~ Can’t Get Over  Classic handbag anthem

Taylor Swift ~ Love Story (Jason Nevin’s or Digital Dog Remix)  One of my many guilty pleasures is female Country Music singers. Taylor Swift had a monster hit with Our Song, back in 2007, which I really  loved.  Now her songs are being remixed for the pop and dance floor markets.

Joe’s Picks

Prodigy ~ Omen  Fantastic return, if you love Pendulum, you’ve gotta love The Prodigy

Eminem ft Dr Dre & 50 Cent ~ Crack A Bottle  3 rap legends coming together to make a great tune!

Daniel Merriweather ~ Change  First solo single from the vocalist for much of Mark Ronson’s material, gets better every time you hear it

N-Dubz ~ Strong Again  Hate to say it but a very catchy song. Does this make me a 15 year old stereotype? 🙂

Girls Aloud ~ The Promise (Flip & Fill Remix)  Up beat remix of their recent chart hit.

Ain’t No Stoppin’ Him Now!


Following on from the fantastic response Joe has had to his first YouTube gig log, here’s his first tenminmix.

The tenmimmix does exactly what it says on the tin -it’s a ten minute mix.  There is an online competition through the excellent DJ Tutor website and Joe’s entered this first mix for the February contest.  Over to you Nipper …

This is my first tenminmix, tracks featured are just random stuff on my radar, please feedback 🙂

Track Listing

1. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

2. Freestylers – Don’t Stop The Rock

3. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

4. Peter Gelderblom Vs Red Hot Chili Peppers – Waiting 4  

5. Will.I.Am feat. Cheryl Cole – Heartbreaker (House Remix)


Denon DN – 2600F CD Player

Citronic CDM 10:4 Mixer