And this is me!

dsc07710Hello, I’m Joe, Paul’s son.

I’m 15 and currently in year 10 at school.  I’m working towards completing my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, as part of the scheme I am required to develop a new skill. My Dad’s been a DJ for many years and previously taught me the basics and so I decided to select DJ’ing as my skill and to carry on where we left off.


I am now beginning to put my new skills into action, the plan is that I DJ at children’s parties and school disco’s, with Dad to keep an eye on things it’s the perfect solution to a brilliant event.  


OK, we’re up and running!

dsc07696I vowed that I’d keep the blog running with regular updates … and, as many of you will already know, it’s not that easy!  The last month has been full of stuff and I’ll tell you about some of it over the coming posts.

The important thing to know right now is that The Party DJ is back, up and running. I’ve done a couple of gigs and there are more in the diary.

Oh, and I love it!

Night Fever

As far as I can remember I started DJ’ing back in the seventies.  My earliest recollection is of taking an old radiogram which consisted of a record player and a radio built into an old wooden cabinet and adapting it.  I think what we did (we being a few friends at one of the local youth clubs) was rip out the radio and connect another turntable in it’s place.  This was then transformed using a couple of lamp holders with coloured bulbs into my first console.  When one record was finished a big switch was turned to change the input to the other turntable!


About 1974 I got together with my friends (another) Paul and Richard and “Nite Sounds” was born – Paul’s surname was Knight so we chose to funk it up a little bit.  Our equipment was purchased from a fantastic shop in Farnborough called Disco Sales & Hire.  We had a double turntable and mixer consul built by a company called FAL. As you can see from the photo there was still a fair amount of DIY involved.


Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

img_0023_2So, it’s 2008 and here I go again!

In my early days DJ’s built enormous road-shows, I’ll tell you more about my past in future entries. Things are a bit different now. My latest show is built around a compact and very tidy stand which can all fit into 2.5 meters.  The music is played by either cd or mp3 which is a lot easier to manage than boxes of seven and twelve inch vinyl.  

The majority of the light show is brand new LED lighting which gives fantastic colours and runs on a fraction of the electricity traditional rigs used.



now2My name is Paul and I’m a DJ/compere based in Southampton.  Following a break of a few years,     I’m now available for bookings and looking for new opportunities.

My extensive C.V. as a DJ includes many long-term residencies at some of the top disco’s in Hampshire, Dorset and Jersey going back to the 1980’s. 

Most recently I was Johnny Rocket for what was then Southampton Superbowl and the resident at The Vine at Ower for a number of years.  During this time I’ve had experience working with, and booking, live entertainment including many tribute acts and local bands.

My strap line has always been “The DJ to put the FUN in your FUNction” and that is still true today.  I have an extensive library of music covering the 60’s onwards and including strict-tempo.  Whenever possible I let the music do most of the talking, having worked the best clubs in the area through the 80’s and 90’s, I’m a “mixing” DJ but I’m also very happy to pick up the microphone whenever it’s needed.

Right now I’m in the final stages of creating a new compact show featuring an all-new lighting rig.  

If you think you may be interested in my services now, or in the future, I’d be more than happy to have a chat and introduce myself properly.

Remember, life sounds better to music!