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November Weddings

Following on from last weeks post entitled “Is October the new June for Weddings, today I’m looking at November Weddings. This year I don’t have any November bookings but in previous years I’ve had up to three weddings in the month. There have been some beautiful Autumn days this November and the colours have been beautiful as always.

November Weddings

The weather for November Weddings is, as always, a very important factor. Again I went to (CLICK HERE) for some weather information

Temperature ~ In recent times the highest recorded temperature in November has been 17°C that’s 63°F, with the lowest recorded temperature -6°C, about 21°F.Generally the highs have been around 11°C

Rain ~ The average monthly amount of precipitation has been recorded at around 74 mm, that’s 3 inches. Throughout the month you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 19 days of the month.

Sunshine ~ For November expect the sun to shine for an average of 4 hours per day.

In conclusion, with weather like that, it’s probably fair to say that November Weddings are more likely to be focused on the indoor space. Log fires and mulled wine might be incorporated into a day of cozy celebrations.

November Weddings

The pictures in this post come from weddings at Rhinefield House, The Doubletree Hilton at Chilworth and New Place at Shirrell Heath which is now owned by Legacy Hotels. At each of these weddings the weather was kind enough to allow for some photos to be taken outside. As I said last time, the important thing is to make sure you plan for every eventuality, especially when it comes to your photography and getting the big group shots.

Fireworks, and especially sparklers, are definitely “in” for weddings at the moment and November is the month for fireworks with bonfire night.

For people who really love Autumn and the colours of the leaves turning, November is a wonderful month to get married, especially the first half before Christmas starts to take over – and talking of Christmas next weeks post will look at December weddings.

East Horton Wedding DJ

wedding at the Tithe Barn

Katherine & Sinbad’s Real Wedding at The Tithe Barn

Here’s another of this years “Real Weddings” – this time it’s Katherine & Sinbad’s Wedding at The Tithe Barn at Old Ditcham Farm near Petersfield. Their wedding was full of families, fun, love, stars and space ships and it was wonderful to be part of it.

I was delighted to be working alongside two of my favourite suppliers, their photographer and my good friend Antony from Lightbox Studios CLICK HERE and the excellent Brian from Wright Choice Catering CLICK HERE – DJ’d Brian’s 40th party a couple of years ago.

Tithe Barn wedding DJ

Katherine and Sinbad wrote this review of my services for my submission to the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards …

Paul was recommended to us by our photographer Antony from LightBox / Weddings by ABC, so we went to meet him at a wedding fair. Soon afterwards we spent 2+ hours on a Skype call and knew at the end that he was the DJ for us! We actually adjusted our budget considerably to ensure that we could book Paul as we liked him so much!

We always knew we wanted our day to be a bit different and Paul had lots of suggestions to help us realise this; from personalised grand entrances for the bridal party into the wedding breakfast to the bridal DJ set to finish off the evening. Paul was always there to support us in making our day perfect. He is clearly passionate about what he does; his love of music is obvious, but also his desire to ensure that his couples have their perfect day came across in every meeting and Skype call. All of our planned “quick” Skype’s ended up being 1-2 hours+!

As we approached D-day we knew that Paul was always there if we had questions or worries. We have 3 daughters who were a bit nervous about their role in the ceremony so he offered to come over the day before for a quick run through. When we arrived at the venue Paul was already there (2 hours earlier than planned) helping to set up tables! He was a great help with moving furniture and advising us on how to set up the aisle most effectively. When it came to the run through he had the girls laughing and enjoying themselves so much that all their nerves had gone and they led the way confidently down the aisle.

Everything on the day went perfectly; the ceremony music was exactly how I’d imagined it, and the day flowed so smoothly due to his expert direction. The guests LOVED the grand entrances during the wedding breakfast and really enjoying getting to know each other over the quizzes that Paul had made for each table. We absolutely loved the Love Story which he told before our first dance, it was so amazing to share our story with our friends and family in a way that captured both of us.

Once the music started everyone had a blast, Paul knew how to read the room and change up the music to suit the guests. When we got back from (even more!) photos it was time for the bride to do a ‘guest DJ’ set! He did tell me that some of my choices were a bit unusual, not much Prodigy played at weddings I suppose, but my guests loved it!! For 20 minutes everyone, young and old, bounced around the dance floor like lunatics and it was amazing. In the 3 weeks since our wedding, I’ve been told so many times what a unique idea it was and how much fun they’d had.

We both agree that we made 100% the right decision in asking Paul to be our DJ. All those little things I would have worried about like timings and making sure everyone was in the right place just weren’t an issue. The entire day ran smoothly due to his expert direction. I’ve already told everyone I know how amazing he is and will continue to recommend him!

Wedding at The Tithe Barn

From their ceremony music to the very last song it was a wonderful day filled with love and fun. After the ceremony we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in sunshine with the children dancing and playing like fairies – something to do with all the wings and wands that appeared.

Following on from a receiving line and extended grand entrances they had a table quiz during their wedding breakfast where the answers included “a Giant African Land Snail”, “a red carpet premiere of Narnia Prince Caspian” and “Ali’s Kebab Shop in Portsmouth”!

Their first dance was to Take That’s “Rule The World surrounded by their family and friends. As Katherine mentions above, she did a brilliant DJ set which had everybody on the dance floor.

When it was finally time for them to take their taxi to their hotel they had a sparkler exit – the perfect ending to a perfect day.

That was just a brief glimpse into Katherine & Sinbad’s wedding at The Tithe Barn. I’d like to thank Katherine and Sinbad for choosing me to play a part in their beautiful wedding and for their fantastic support of my entry in the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards..

For more information on weddings at The Tithe Barn PLEASE CLICK HERE

wedding at the Tithe Barn

Charlotte & Sam’s Wedding at The Marwell Hotel

Another look at one of this years real weddings, this time it’s Charlotte & Sam’s Wedding at The Marwell Hotel in April.

Charlotte and Sam wanted a relaxed, magical day to remember.

Hampshire Wedding DJ

Here’s the fabulous review Charlotte wrote for my entry to the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards …

My husband and I first met Paul at our friends Jenny and Fran’s wedding in 2014. To see first hand how much he had done to make their day special made us want to seek him out for our own. 

We found him again at a wedding fair where we were able to speak to him. Paul gave us all of his contact details and we said that we would be in touch to arrange a meeting. He was flexible with where and when we could meet him. For our first meeting (when we hadn’t booked him yet) he came over to our house. 

Paul gave us a booklet of information that he had put together as well as ideas  on how to make our wedding a “WOW” wedding. We went through the booklet at length discussing any questions we had. This made both of us feel at ease and relax as both being very organised people we didn’t want anything left until the last minute. 

There was no pressure to book from Paul. It was simply left after our meeting that he would either hear from us or he wouldn’t. We could tell he is very passionate about what he does. We contacted him that week to book him and it was one of the best decisions we made. 

We had more meetings with Paul in the run up to our wedding (which he again came to our house). At one of the meetings hubby to be (Sam) mentioned that he does not like public speaking and was really worried about his speech. Paul was very quick with a solution to put Sam at ease and suggest that he came to a grooms workshop. Sam went along to the workshop where there was him and one other. Sam found the workshop very useful and he came away with a pack of useful information. I could tell that he already felt more at ease and was not as worried as he had been. 

We had our last meeting with Paul a month before our wedding where we went over all of the details and time line of the day. Paul again reminded us that if we had any “wedding emergencies” he was at the end of the phone and would do what he could to help. 

Paul was on site early – about 10am ready to set up and our wedding ceremony started at 1.30. He helped keep the timeline of our wedding on track ensuring we were ready for our grand entrances, meal, cake cutting and speeches. He checked in with us throughout the day ensuring we were happy with how our day was going. Our evening reception finished at midnight then meaning he had to pack down all his gear – I’m sure you’ll agree this would have been an incredibly long day for him. 

Paul spoke to us and the bridal party before we went into the reception room about how he was going to introduce us for our grand entrances. He typed up a list of questions that was given out as a quiz for our guests to do while we had our meal. We had a Mr & Mrs shoe game which we have had so many comments on how much our guests enjoyed watching that. I did my “special guest” bride DJ set – even had the white headphones to match my dress. People filled the dance floor all night, everyone felt able to approach him with their requests. 

Paul truly contributed to making our wedding day, a day to remember. He was there to assist with any problems. Nothing was too much to ask. Our day was perfect and exactly the way we wanted it. The mood was perfect and that’s all thanks to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

We would really like to thank Paul again for all that he did for us. Not just on the day itself but on the run up also. Every woman always dreams/plans in their head what they would love their wedding day to be like; Paul really helped make mine come true. 

During their wedding breakfast I circulated with a quiz and we found out what the first gig Charlotte went to was, how many vehicles Sam had owned and what was the total age of the Top Table!

For their first dance they chose Daughtry “Life After You”.

Charlotte did a wicked 80’s DJ set including Lionel Richie “Dancing On The Ceiling”, Belinda Carlisle “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” and Starship “We Built This City”.

That was just a glimpse of Charlotte & Sam’s fabulous real wedding at The Marwell Hotel. I’d like to thank Charlotte and Sam for choosing me to play a part in their wedding and for their fantastic testimonial.

Marwell Wedding DJ

CLICK HERE for more information about weddings at The Marwell Hotel

Creating Your WOW Wedding Eve

Is October The New June For Weddings?

Is October the new June for weddings? I hadn’t really thought about this until I had a lengthy Skype with my American DJ friend Brian Redd last week and he brought it up having just completed a very busy month. I’ve been thinking about our conversation and he’s right (he usually is), Autumn weddings are getting more popular. I’ve had a couple of October weddings this year and already have two booked for next year.

Woodlands Lodge Wedding DJ

So, why is October the new June for weddings? Well, I’m an Englishman and so the weather is one of my major topics of conversation. I Googled it and according to MyWeather2 CLICK HERE

Temperature ~ In recent times the highest recorded temperature in October has been 25°C that’s 77°F, with the lowest recorded temperature -4°C, about 25°F.

Rain ~ The average monthly amount of precipitation has been recorded at around 72 mm, that’s 3 inches. Throughout the month you can expect to see rain or drizzle falling on 18 days of the month.

Sunshine ~ For October expect the sun to shine for an average of 6 hours per day. This represents the average number of hours in the daytime that the sun is visible and not obscured by cloud e.g. the average number of hours the sun is actually out and shining.

I’ve been told by several Brides and Brides-To-Be that they decided to avoid the summer for their wedding because they felt if it rained it would ruin their day. In spring the ground has to dry out and firm up after the Winter and so Autumn can be a popular choice.

My two weddings this October were blessed with fairly dry, crisp, days with some some sunshine and there was plenty of time for everyone to enjoy the outside areas of The Woodlands Lodge and East Horton, however the Saturday in between and the one after were both much damper and cold. This year the leaves started to fall very early but we haven’t really had the red and oranges of Autumn until the end of the month.

The really important thing when it comes to the weather on your wedding day is to plan for every eventuality and not to let it it upset you – this is England, expect the unexpected!

Is October the new June for weddings … I don’t think so, but October is possibly the pick of the months for an Autumn wedding because spending some of the day outside is often possible. Writing this has made me think more about the months of the year and so I’ve decided to write a series. Next week I’ll take a look at November weddings.

Is October The New June For Weddings

Le Chanteclerc Wedding Fayre

Le Chanteclerc Wedding Fayre This Sunday

This Sunday I’ll be at Le Chanteclerc wedding fayre, just off Junction One of the M27 at Cadnam for the first wedding fair at this fabulous, much loved restaurant. The function room has been beautifully refurbished and everything is ready for couples to have a good look around. CLICK HERE to go to Le Chanteclerc website. I’ve been going to Le Chanteclerc for years, it’s one of our favourite local restaurants – so if you’ve never tried it, you really should! They also have bedrooms and do a great B&B package.

Le Chanteclerc Wedding Fayre

It’s another FREE Wedding Fayre with another FREE Prize Draw and a FREE Drink if you come and chat with me!
Once again many members of the Hampshire Wedding Group are offering prizes in a free draw – you can even preregister for the event and draw by completing this form – PLEASE CLICK HERE. However you must attend the event to be in the draw.

Wedding fayres are a great place to get ideas and I recommend you take a few minutes to talk to all the suppliers – these people have so much knowledge and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

As I say, if you come and see me and mention this blog post I WILL EVEN BUY YOU A DRINK 🙂 

Have a great weekend and I really hope to see you at Le Chanteclerc Wedding Fayre

Le Chanteclerc Wedding Fayre

wedding at the Tithe Barn

Meet The Finalists At The Kings Head In Christchurch

Last night it was the Meet The Finalists evening for the Hampshire and Dorset Wedding supplier Awards and Ce and I went along. The event was held at The Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch. Last time I was there it was for Max and Kevan’s wedding a couple of years ago.

I’ve put in clickable links to everyone I can remember us talking to at the Meet The Finalists event incase you want to check out any of them (except the DJ’s 😉 )

We were greeted at the door by the hotel General Manager Nicolas Roulier and the event organisers Sam and Claire from South Coast Events – another great evening from this excellent company!

As always at these events we headed for the people we knew, so first up it was the other DJ’s Mark from Pegasus Disco from Weymouth and Toby from Your DJ. Early arrivals also included lovely local florist florist Jo Hicks.

Fellow Hampshire Wedding Group member, great photographer, and all-round good guy, Antony Burdett-Clark (Lightbox Studio / ABC Wedding Photography) also made it. Talking of photographers it was fab to see Tom and Murray from One Thousand Words Wedding Photography who I worked with at Mandy and Dave’s wedding back in 2015 – click here to see their blog, they are in the Dorset finals this year.

Talking of photography, we also met Imogen and Sam from The Caravan Photobooth Company who have converted “Betty”, a lovely old caravan, into “Betty Booth” a wonderful way to put some quirky style into your celebration.

We met a couple of lovely bridal wear suppliers from Wimborne, who are both in the Dorset finals. First we met Kelly from Brides With Curves who specialise in plus size wedding dresses in sizes 18 to 32. Then we met Oxana from Minster Designs who carry dresses by designers Martina Liana, Separates, Stella York, Willowby, White One, LouLou, Callista and Ivory & Co. Minster Designs supplied the dresses for the wedding that’s been in the news recently with TWENTY EIGHT Bridesmaids, and One Thousand Words were the photographers – CLICK HERE for the story on the Mirror website

Mobile bars seem to be very well represented in the 2017 Awards Finals, it’s always good to see Darren from A&D Bars in attendance who are in both the Hampshire and Dorset awards. and also to meet Mike from The Paddock Bar from Dorset.

We also had a quick chat with Andrew and Robert from Creatiques Bridal Boutique from Southsea and The HairDressSir along with Lucy Bernier hair, makeup, nails and beauty and Rachel from Flaunt Your Face makeup artistry.

Next time we’ll meet the finalists will be at the Awards dinner on Friday 10th November at The Ageas Hilton. It was great to be back in that room with so many great memories of Max and Kevan’s wedding – their beautiful ceremony across the road in the Pavilion, Kevan’s speech, and Max’s special guest DJ set (which she repeated at her birthday party earlier this year!), here’s a picture from their big day at The Kings Arms.

If YOU want a WOW wedding full of Love

If YOU want a WOW Wedding full of Love, Laughter to start YOUR Happily Ever After …

If YOU want a WOW wedding full of Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After …

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Whether you are thinking of booking me for your wedding entertainment you be mad to miss this FREE evening where I run through the typical wedding timeline and explain how you can put the principles set out in my WOW WEDDING GUIDE into your big day and make the most of every second. It’s at Ampfield Golf Club on Tuesday 17th October doors open at 7pm for a 7:30 start.

CLICK HERE to read how Bex and Alex came to this event twice to make the most of my advice at their wedding earlier this year.

If YOU want a WOW wedding full of Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After … BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!
I promise this is not a sales event, there will be no pressure to book me, just lots of great ideas.
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Here’s to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After ~ Cheers!  

wedding at the Tithe Barn

Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards Finalist 2017

Following on from the announcement I made last month CLICK HERE I am delighted to say I’ve been selected as a Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards Finalist 2017

Last year I was honoured and delighted to win in two categories – “Best DJ” and “Contribution To The Wedding Industry”
Hampshire Wedding

So now it’s time to book our tickets to Award Ceremony event on the evening of Friday 10th November at The Hilton at Ageas, Southampton. Competition for the award looks even tougher this year so I’m taking nothing for granted but it will be good to meet up with so many great wedding industry colleagues. I’m delighted to see fellow Hampshire Wedding Group members Miriam ~ Miriam King Hair & Make Up, Sue ~ Tie The Knot Events and Antony ~ Weddings by ABC / LightBox Studios (who like me also won last year) have also made the finals in their categories.

I have a couple more testimonial blogs to post over the next couple of weeks which were given in support of the awards. As I explained in the previous post about this topic (link in the first sentence) these awards are “judged blind”, so there can be no favouritism which I think is really excellent. I’ve stepped back from the National Awards this year as I only really work in Hampshire and occasionally Dorset so networking further afield isn’t really for me.

So I will be keeping everything crossed until 10th November (which will be murder on my circulation!) for the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards Finalist 2017

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a Wedding DJ in Hampshire please send them my way – thanks x

Real Wedding Bex and Alex

Real Wedding Bex and Alex is the first in a series of posts about real weddings from this year that I’ll add to the Real Wedding book you’ll find in my bookcase.

I was reminded, when I saw this video last week, of so many great memories from a perfect Real Wedding Bex and Alex and all of their family and friends. The very essence of the day is brilliantly captured by Tony and Denise from D & T Wedding Video Services. To find out more about them and their fabulous wedding films PLEASE CLICK HERE. I will simply say they are a joy to work alongside and their videos speak for themselves.

Bex recently wrote this testimonial for me …

“Where to start? I first met Paul at a PMN wedding fayre when I noticed on one of his videos was showing some pictures of my friends wedding, so just said a brief hello and he gave me some details of an evening he was hosting at Southampton Ring Studio, I mentioned it to Alex and we went along for the evening as I remember it there was only us and one other couple, we sat and listened to the first half of the presentation and during the half way break we went outside to have a chat and I think it’s fair to say we were both already wowed by everything Paul offered and agreed that we really wanted him for our wedding, we returned for the second half and were even more impressed, it already we felt like we had found a friend there was no pressure everything was light hearted we went away from the evening to discuss the final details and booked up the next day! 

From that moment we knew we had done something great, Paul was on hand any time with any queries we had he helped massively when we had a supplier cancel on us and found us an alternative within an hour he truly was my guardian angel throughout the planning process, we loved having our own personal folder where we could write down our ideas for music and the Facebook group chat certainly gave us some interesting ideas, I know Alex found the grooms evening really useful attending once with and usher and then again with our best man, everything leading up to our big day was made so much easier by having Paul on board and we would 100% recommend him to all our friends and family. 

On our day everything ran so smoothly timings were kept and our guests were delighted with all the fun things including our love story and Mr & Mrs. And we are sure it would not have been so easy and enjoyable without Paul. 

Thanks a million there really aren’t enough words to say how fantastic you are!”

… such kind words, I am so glad I am able to help couples like Bex and Alex and like YOU!

Real Wedding Bex and Alex

Here are just a few notes from this Real Wedding Bex and Alex

Bex and Alex had a beautiful church ceremony at All Saints in Martin followed by a marquee reception in Damerham.
As Bex said in her testimonial I was very involved in their planning, they attended the “Creating Your WOW Wedding” event twice and Alex and Josh, his best man, came to my “WOW Bridegroom” event too. I provided music at the church alongside the organist and bell ringers, it was stunning ceremony ending with them coming back down the aisle to Take That’s “Greatest Day” with the bell ringers joining in – it was just like something out of a movie!

The whole day was full of breathtaking moments, the speeches really hit the mark and I was honoured to share their love story with everyone before their first dance. Bex and Alex took to the dance floor for their first dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Think Out Loud” and the Bex danced with her dad, Ken, to this wonderful song “Daddy Dance With Me” by Krystal Keith.

I’ll stop there, but I’m sure Bex would be happy to tell you more. 😀
There will be another post like Real Wedding Bex and Alex soon.

Creating Your WOW Wedding Eve

Mark says

Mark says …
so, what’s this post about I hear you ask.

Well it works on two levels.

First it speaks to people looking for a DJ who wants to give his clients the best possible service. The “Mark” in question is Mark Ferrell who, along with lovely wife Rebecca, is behind the biggest change in DJ standards, training and education of the last twenty years. I certainly wouldn’t be doing what I do, the way I do it, if it wasn’t for Mark and Rebecca and the five workshops I’ve attended with them.

Secondly it’s for the benefit of other DJ’s and I know there are a few who keep an eye on what I post. Mark can help you, it CLICK HERE to find out more about Mark, Rebecca and MarBecca Without Mark and Rebecca I wouldn’t be where I am today – if you want to know more please ask me.

The MarBecca Motto: “It’s all about Love.”

The MarBecca Slogan: “It’s not WHAT you do. It’s HOW you do it.”

The MarBecca Mantra: “Teaching People To Change Lives Through Entertainment And Speaking Skills.”

Mark posted a couple of things that really resonated with me this week and I wanted to share them here.

If you’re hiring a DJ only for music, you’re really limiting your reception to a “dinner dance” and limiting the full richness of its true potential.

This is so true, most couples looking for a wedding DJ are just looking for music because they don’t know what else a great DJ can offer. They are looking for a DJ because they haven’t seen one who they liked enough to ask for a card. Many people think that DJs are cheesy because they’ve only seen.

Then he posted this …

To do a truly GREAT job as a Mobile DJ, you have to wear a lot of hats. To be exceptional, you must gain mastery of 3 distinct vocal skills:
* Announcing
* Master of Ceremonies
* Storytelling
Each of these vocal/mic skills play different roles in someone’s event, and accomplish different objectives.
Let me put it this way… If I was looking for a DJ for my niece’s wedding, I would hire only the DJ with those skill sets.
Let me put it another way… If I was putting together a team of DJs, they would each have to master those skill sets.

Mark Says

To find out more about training with Mark and Rebecca PLEASE CLICK HERE