Are you going to a wedding in 2019?

So, are you going to a wedding in 2019? Well this post is for you, whether you are an evening-only guest or even the Bride and Bridegroom.

As I finish writing this on New Years Day, 2019 looks like being a testing year for us all with a certain amount of political uncertainty and all that brings. I’m a great believer in committing to what you can influence and affect – I believe we should all be aware of the consequences of our actions and attitudes.

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The bottom line, as far as this blog post is concerned, is that if are you going to a wedding in 2019 you are very lucky. You’re going to be part of a very special day and that carries a responsibility I want you to understand and commit to.

The Wedding Guest 

Whether you are a family member or friend you have been invited to share the biggest party these two people will ever throw. You have been chosen to be part of a day they will remember for the rest of their lives. Enjoy the day but make sure you keep the best interests of the Bride and Bridegroom at heart. Be happy, mingle, make new friends and help create lasting memories for everyone.

A Member of the Wedding Party

Congratulations on being asked to play a role on this incredible occasion. Your support and love for the couple, throughout the planning stages, as well as on the big day, will be critical in the success of the event. Try and keep their best interests at the centre of your intentions and actions. Be aware that they may well be stressed or anxious about the day and be supportive at every opportunity. On the day, stay focused and do everything you can to assist the happy couple and your fellow wedding party members.

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Parents and Siblings

This day will go down in history – two families coming together and you are a huge part of it. This is a great time to make new friends and catch up with your extended family. Come with a few good, positive stories to share about the stars of the show – be gracious and generous with your time and attention.

The Happy Couple

This is your day. As you will have been told, it will fly by. You will have spent months, possibly years planning the day so make sure you enjoy every second of it. Don’t worry about things going wrong, whatever happens you’ll have a great time. Nobody knows the finer details of what is planned, so don’t let the odd “problem” ruin your day.

Try and plan your wedding so that everyone feels included and not just spectators. I use something I call the WOW Wedding philosophy with stands for Weave yourselves into the day, get Others involved and explain Why. If you want to know more please let me know.

The day after your wedding you’ll be married and looking forward to a brand new future. If you planned well and connected with your guests you’ll have many great memories to cherish.

going to a wedding in 2019


If you are going to a wedding in 2019, or anywhen for that matter, make sure you play your part. Everybody has it in their power to make the day the success it deserves to be. Be kind, be gracious, have a great day!

OK, this was a bit of a rant, but I believe we all have it in our power to help make every wedding very special. CLICK HERE for more free stuff. If you have any questions, or would like my help with anything wedding related, please get in touch.






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